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Just finished, two very sound fellas and they came across really well. I’ve yet to see or hear one of our lads interviewed and not be impressed.

Jim runs a tight ship and everyone is 100% singing from the same hymn sheet. I smiled when I heard the boys talk about the ‘process’.


And did ya ask him the question? Well?


I’m convinced Jim stole this from the Philadelphia 76s who have been going through “the process” for several years now . It was the reason given for them constantly having losing seasons to acquire high draft picks the next season .Thankfully we only had one blip during “the process”.


I thought it was rugger speak robbed from some business management seminar
“We must stick to our processes and then execute properly"


Could well be that too !


The Brodge uses it all the time. He used it this morning when being interviewed about the match tonight I’m sure!


Whatever the answer, he clearly intended to pass the ball to Brogan


Any marathon runners on here? Thinking of doing the Barcelona Marathon next year. The aim would be 4 hours, I have been looking up training programmes for that time and most say I shouldnt do more than 2and a half hours in training. In my case that would be around 26kms, is that not a bit short? The argument is that anything over 2.30 hours is too energy sapping and the recovery time interrupts training too much. Any tips welcome


I’ve done a few marathons and the longest training run would be close to 3 hours. You’d be tired after it, but not enough that it would impact your next weeks training.


I think that sounds about right to me, it is a big jump from 2hrs 30 to four or from 26 to 42


Probably been asked here before but thinking about changing networks & wondering what’s the best value out there .I’m currently with vodafone on their old red plan of €35.Free Vodafone to Vodafone calls /,texts .1 GB data & 100 minutes . I know their new plans are €40 now & up .
For my purposes I get absolute no real value out of this as Im not a heavy internet brower outside the house & use WiFi nearly all the time when its available .I use Viber mostly for texts .Id say I’ve never used more than 20 minutes a month of my 100 minutes allowance .
Would probably be better off going to pay as you go but then you lose out on the upgrade option every couple of years .My phone is on the way out & badly needs to be upgraded but if I do my plan will also go up €5 a month for a service which I barely get any use out if .
Most family & friends are Vodafone so have saved loads there because calls & texts are free .
Any advice would be welcome :blush:


I’m with three, coverage is good, and I changed over from Vodafone a few years ago because they were cheaper. Depends on your needs though really, have a flick through their website they’ve lots of different plans.


Yeah, longest run should be 32 at least and most plans would have you doing that twice.

I have a plan that I’ve used a few times, has you running between 50-70k a week over 12 weeks. Always found it good and brought me in on target. PM me if you want & I can send it on.


Bloke in work is constantly at me to do this couch to 5k thing. Couch to 5m more like I tell him …


I moved to ID. All bills are ½ price for 6 months. Their site has sliders to pick & choose what you want in your package. I got 500 mins, 250 texts & 30GB of data for €21 per month but €10.50 for 6 months. You can change your plan each month to add or remove parts depending on your usage.

The above is without a phone but they have options to purchase phones.


Just the one marathon done (Dublin in 2009) and came in just under 4 hours. I only ran over 20 miles once in the lead up - around 21 miles on the weekend before the race. Probably should have done the long run a week or two earlier and tapered down, but that was just the way it worked out for me.


That sounds perfect , cheers !


Whenever I get an urge to go for a run, I just lie on the couch for ten minutes and it disappears.


Started off with that about 3 years ago, worked really well, if I had started off my own bat, I would have done too much too soon and more than likely given up, the couch to 5k thing eases you in, at times you feel like doing a bit more than they say, but on hindsight I think it was a good thing to stick to it have patience.


Has anyone got any recommendations for window fitters? I’ve got quotes from the usual, Munster Joinery and Senator, and a few other independents. Munster are the cheapest by a fair distance but just wondering if their quality is the same as the others or am I better off spending a bit extra? Cheers in advance