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Sweeeeeet :blush:, great work !


A lot of mayo flags down around here in Navan. Just waiting fir the little native navanese pyromaniacs to get to work. Then I’ll hang mine out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very impressive work, Comrade Dubintipp…and behind enemy lines too !


Great stuff Tipp! Maith on fear.
Ive heard tell there’s a lot of Mayo and Kerry folk in Meath since a long time ago.


Lots of mayo folk.


That is top class dubintipp.

No complaints from the neighbours?


I’ve been noticing them about town …grrrrrrrr



Not yet. To be fair they admire the way I haven’t abandoned supporting Dublin yet have thrown myself into the club scene and go to lots of tipp matches as well.

One of the little ones suffered wind damage so have taken them all down till Tuesday. Have reinforced them against excessive bending. The real issue is the stakes into the ground, I needed to raise the garden years ago and there are a lot of stones under the topsoil. My arms hurt from the sledgehammer!


What part of Tipp are ya in?


Well stop fukcing hitting yourself with it then!


the cold boglands of the north


Would be familar with Clonakenny area…


one of the adjoining parishes all right.


Day out to O’Bama Plaza of a sunday for a treat?


usually a stop off on the way back from somewhere distant


I’ve just bought a second hand house and my surveyor recommended getting the windows done as back ones are single glazed. The front of the house faces onto the road and the main bedroom is at the front so I was thinking about getting triple glazed for the front to reduce the traffic noise a bit. Anyone any experience with this? Cheers


you havent heard the annoying energlaze windows radio ads?

“hi dad, havent been round that much since Mam passed away, how are you?”

“oh I’m great sharon since I got in the new triple glazed energlaze windows. They have a passive thermal ration of .73%”

“oh god dad you’re not going on about the windows again”

“you should try energlaze yourself, the savings are amazing”

“think its time to put you in a home”

“if it has energlaze trible glazed windows thats fine by me!”


Haha can’t say that I have, sounds like a classic though


Niall Scully and Shane Carthy will be in the workplace today doing a Q&A session on Sport (wellbeing etc) and on their Dublin careers to date …

Anyone got any interesting questions they think should be asked? (Serious ones only please! :grinning:)


Yes. Did Niall hear the whistle at the end of the AI final before he kicked it to Berno.