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Is this where Mr Blue buys a car?


Are there any old fashioned trophy shops around town (or the North side) anymore…the kind you can walk into, see the stock & order an engraving there & then? I need a once off plaque/trophy, but I want to see it & hold it, before I order it. The likes of Lee Bros do all their business on line. Ta.


Irish Rubies on Marlborough St or Comerford and Brady in Fairview.


Cheers boss.


Howdy Ho Ressers. Mrs. JJF wants to fix up the gaff. Three kids over the last 9 years has wrecked the place. As usual money is a tight as a badgers arse so I is going to try a bit of DIY. First room is the kitchen, and I want to do a few things like paint the kitchen, so I have questions below. Anyone that has undertaken this I’d greatly appreciate the advice.

  1. We want to paint our kitchen which is made of that melamine material. Is it worthwhile painting?
  2. Would it be cheaper to buy new kitchen doors?
  3. Anyone work in the tiling business? Wheres the best place to get floor tiles.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


How do you know a badgers arse is tight, just asking :hushed:


Well, he does live in Meath… :wink:


As proud dub says i do live in Meath.


Howdy Campers, any of you ever sell a house privately and without the services of a Auctioneer? Is it worth doing to try and avoid that cost? cheers


There’s a place at the top of O’Connell St, or rather, is it North Great Frederick St? Near to the junction with Dorset St in anyway. If you’re getting something put on a base/plinth, make sure they glue it properly! I had the experience of making a presentation with the bloody trophy bit having fallen off the base


Brilliant Beeko. Nothing like a bit of wrenching and ratchetting in the back of the car. Blue is some spanner alright though


Cheers boss. I got sorted by Comerford and Brady in Fairview.

Trophy presentations are indeed harder than they look. Was at the Leinster Final trophy presentation down in Portlaoise/Tullamore, back in 2103. The handles fell off the trophy, when the BK captain went to lift it up. Talk about scarleh !



What L.Final was that? Oh I see, it’s in the year 2103, that’s how long it’ll take Spewan & the likes to get the LF Final held there :confounded:


Badum tish. I’ll get yer coat.

'Twas whatever year Ballymun Kickams won.


The 2012 Leinster final, and they were full of apologies after, saying they had only got it back the week before, and the previous champs had left it in a shocking state!!! He did clarify it by saying it provided sports photo of the year…


Howdy lads… Looking at changing a rad in me kitchen to a smaller one that can generate more heat? Is that possible? any plumbers who could recommend one? It’s getting back to the days when ya call a tradesman and they tell ya they’ll be out between the hours to 8-8 in the middle of September.


Not a plumber… But plumbed my house 13 years ago when we moved in, and did all the sparks work. As a mechanic, you need to know good plumbing and elec practice to succeed!!! A bit of a Jack of all trades. Don’t worry, I got all my work, checked and certified by qualified chaps!

Can you post a picture of your radiator and your boiler/pump and describe your house (ie, 3 bed semi 1200 sq foot etc) and I’ll give you the benefit of my limited knowledge!


Ok we knocked a dining room into the kitchen and both had a rad (See attached) in each room. We only have this rad heating the entire room. House is a four bedroom semi.

Problem is the rad is in a poxy place and it was shitty job to be honest. We are getting a small bit of work done so if the budget stretches I was hoping to pick up a newer rad with more output and move it to the left. That makes sense?


Newer rad won’t have more output, unless you make it bigger. Sounds like you need to move it in the room…


Yeah that’s way to much work I’m afraid! Might look at an electrical one. Would a vertical rad be beter?