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to put up a flag.


thanks, i must look up parcel motel.

i have only just got to grips with the leap card.


Did you ask Barry first? :slight_smile:


Looking for a flag for a flagpole. Old one in bits. Any ideas?


Bought one in Elverys last week, it was €15 but really good quality! Should last 3/4 seasons!


So is mine but she’s great with the grandkids


I don’t know if I could go into Elverys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve a few Confederate flags that nobody seems to want any more …


He’s hoping to pole vault past security with the flag :laughing:


Anyone know why this jersey is not available to men? What of our newly found and renowned maturity and inclusivity? Is this not sexism? Imagine a couple of thousand of these of the Hill among the pot bellies and tattoos! Equality for men I say! Must ring Baz …


But this is a shocker … Snot green!


saw a golden one advertised somewhere during the week.


after all that i went to the local builders merchants and got 4 7m lengths of timber. have them painted white. going to put two together so that when i up them all up there will be three flags in a row. adding a pole to the top and a steak to the bottom, big one will be about 15 m, the other two 7 m.


Wow , throw up a few pics when your finished at that !


That might attract rats …


Bollocks the Cat will take care of that.


Good name…


That Gold jersey is not for sale AFAIK. It’s a promotional jersey for charity linked to the deal with Ballygowan.


It is due for general release in 2019 to coincide with the 5 in a row …


Behold my erection😎

Although I can’t see it lasting out tomorrow’s storm forecast. I have more supports and some ropes to shore it up with.

For scale, the shorter ones are 17ft the middle one about 22ft