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Lads, anyone got an old sky remote control lying around. Have the original box (not sky plus) and remote is acting up, can’t get a new one anywhere.
Also looking for an old sky box too if anyone had one lying around and not using it. Cheers.


Any Cherry Orchard heads on here at all?

Been offered a job in Park West Business Campus, near Cherry Orchard/Ballyer. Will be commuting from Sutton on the M50.

Any tips on avoiding the M50 toll, if I get off at Blanch/Castleknock in the am and head to work via side roads and the same in the evening? (Will be working several 7-3 & 11-7 shifts, so should avoid a lot of the peak rush hour crap.)

I know the side roads around Blanch/C’knock pretty well, so am ok on the north side bit of the equation, but don’t know Cherry Orchard well at all. Have already done the Google Maps thing, but any local knowledge on best ways to go/not go, would be appreciated. Ta.


I work in Park West and travel from Balbriggan via M50 every day. I found that the time and extra use of diesel driving around the toll wasn’t worth it.

Looking at your shift times if I were you I would consider heading via city centre into Ballyfermot and then into Park West as you are really at off peak times


Ooh, Sutton no less. :smirk:


Sorry, I don’t conversate with the riff raff from Edenmore ! :smile:

Thanks for that @whatever. I’d be out in the Blanch area a fair bit anyroad. So wouldn’t mind exploring me options, if you know of a decent route to/from there and Park West. Am not gonna go via town. Have done that a few times while going to the O’Neills Factory Outlet, which isn’t a million miles from there. Awful, awful journey !


I was actually from Springdale, I’ll have you know. And like Stephen Rochford, I still find your ignoring of my Lara Croft post about you in the Tyrone discussion “difficult to deal with”.


Sorry boss. Worked a 16 hour day on Sunday, keeping the VIP Croker crowds fed & watered. A lot of what went on here, went right over my head.



Before St Monica’s Church was built, Edenmore was part of Raheny parish.


Before Springdale was Springdale it was Edenmore Road, and was there for hundreds of years, along with Edenmore House, which became St. Joseph’s Nursing Home, now part of Beaumount Hospital.

The ancient crescent of cottages in Raheny village were the Edenmore House staff homes. Some folks who lived in the fancy white houses at the Raheny end of Edenmore Road had it changed to Springdale so they could sell up.


The Concorde aircraft got its name when two BAC executives got lost on the way from Dublin Airport and ended up having a session there. Luckily they didn’t go into Eugene’s.


Isn’t it well for yiz, being so in tune with yizzer roots. Glasnevin North didn’t even exhist, until some jobsworth in the Corpo got busy with his biro in 1979. :roll_eyes:


Always put Glasnevin down as my address , we lived between Finglas & Ballymun , the nice quiet part :wink:


I lived in real Glasnevin … in the shadow of the tower. Our house dropped 40% of its value at the stroke of that damned official’s biro …


I always wondered what your username was about .If I change my handle it will Dub11 :laughing:


Was that you who placed the flag at the top of Wee Daniel’s Tower, before the 2015 AI final? One heckuava climb, if it was.

Really made me laugh, considering the man who was buried beneath it, was from Cahirciveen. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I couldn’t possibly say … though there are 237 rungs to the top .,…


i need to get a telescopic flagpole, but the ones on amazon (between 6 and 10m) are all on sale in the uk and delivery will not be in time for the 17th September.

any ideas?


Have you tried rubbing viagra on a normal flagpole?


Buy from Amazon and use Parcel Motel. Get next day UK delivery and then you should have it the day after here.


Totally intrigued here!!! Can I ask … Why???