Ask ResDubs


Cheers Rochey. Off this week so Wed or Thurs, let me know what suits.

Do you have a 7mm hex socket or allen key for the brake calipers?


Yep, Wednesday suits best. I’ll PM you


Anybody use iD Mobile as their phone provider?


Wife and mother does. I am moving to them once contract is up. They haven’t had any complaints about it. I have read their customer service is poor but never dealt with them.


Cheers Sean. They have some very good packages.


I’m with them. Piggy back off ‘3’ mobile.
Service is good. Issues before with not bring able to get text messages from banks etc. But that’s resolved now.

Price will drop after contract is up cos you have paid for the phone then. Also handy as my wife lost her phone at Christmas and I could upgrade and replace the phone. Remaining balance that was due to be paid for lost phone was carried forward to new contract.


All their packages are 50% off for the first 6 months. Excellent value. Looking at saving €43 per month when my current contract is up.


Does Emmet Ryan still write about football tactics anywhere?


Don’t think so now that he’s full time tech and beer correspondent for the Sunday Business Post.


Ok. I was looking around a few different sites for his stuff but couldn’t find anything recent.

That’s great for him but a shame for the rest of us!


dontfoul, Gaelic Stats and @steveyblue still do really good stuff during the summer.


That’s the name I was trying to remember. Thanks DCR!


Anyone know if sky box office will play through the chromecast??


dont think so


I think only an HDMI cable works connecting the laptop to the tv as far as I could tell when I tried it before


Cheers lads


Don’t know about Sky Box Office, but connecting a laptop to the TV can be done with Chromecast.
Click the customize button (three dots on the top right), and Cast is an option, just below Print.


meant to specify with SkyGo. No problem with it with other casts


But only to view online stuff AFAIk


Maxi if you can’t find a cast option look for “mirroring” in your menus, I think you have to go into settings to turn it on. It’s not as good as casting but does the job to get what you want onto the better screen.