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VHI & LAYA do holiday cover , last years was circa 60€ , cover for 12 months Europe only .

Think the car park in the airport is over priced . Used Aircoach a few times - good service , appreciate not relevant to you - but ask a mate / family to drop you there - that’s what they’re for !


Forgot to mention the EH1C card, in case you have need of GP/hospital whilst in Euroland, works a treat

Free from da HSE


Ladies, have yiz any tips for mice?

A recent guest in our spare bedroom reported scrathing sounds, behind the wall of said spare bedroom and the box room, which no one ever sleeps in. As it is a room that is rarely slept in, I’ve never heard anything meself, but I’m inclined to take her word for it.

Any ideas of what best to do, other than the traditional trap avec les frommage? Neighbour suggested peanut butter on a mouse trap, as they can’t take the peanut butter away with them, the way they can with cheese? Where is the best place to put said traps?


Bacon rind is good too. Chocolate also. All you need is something to get them to activate the trap. If you can spot any torn paper on the floor or scratch marks on skirting boards or droppings, set the traps there, obviously out of reach of children and/or pets.


Most hardware stores have traps in them now with bait already in them. I heard scratching one morning late August last year and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, the only place I could think was between the ceiling and the floor boards. So I went around and got one of them, set it in the hot press which was the only place I could see them accessing the floor boards( keep the traps along the wall because the little lads will run along the walls to try keep out of sight). Within around 2 hours I heard it snapping and went up and there he was. Left them set for another few weeks and nothing, so this lad was a lone ranger


Our lone ranger wouldn’t be baited so easily :slight_smile:


:grin::grin::grin: Are ya joking, 5 minutes is all I’d need for him


I’d set the gooch as bait, he has a soft spot for the gooch and would not be able to resist.


They can take our lives, they can take our land, but they will never take our chocolate !

Thanks for all the tips ya’ll.


Just get a cat will ya for jaysus sake!


Or adopt it as a household pet.


Give me a shout if want rid of it , my mutt killed a hare last week , brutal it was :astonished:, he’d have that rat in no time .


Are you not supposed to have a muzzle on chihuahuas?


You’d need something like this for him


Has Jim landed in China already ?


Most cats are bleedin useless for mice…I hear down the country/farms they go for owls, as the most effective mice-catching creatures…


You were saying?


We are having a real gull problem … thinking air gun meself …


I actually hate cats that much I’d rather have mice in the house than cats!!

Bought an air gun last year. Its a good laugh shooting at the bastards, but it doesnt really do anything to them, they jump, but then start swooping for you so has an even worse effect. I did answer no though when your man said do you want to kill them, so there are obviously more powerful ones out there


Cats are bastards.