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I’m sure you could find one or two Navan natives to graze every few weeks?


there is a plenty of them but they would only make a bollix of it.


It’s a lot less bovver with a hovver.

Also plug it out when you are having a bath.



Anyone else having problem ’ copying text to do 'quote 'replying to articles on their phone ?? Can’t do it anymore on my phone.


Yes , happening to mine Galaxy S5.


It’s grand on mine. Probably works less well on cheap phones.


Have you tried holding the phone ‘portrait’ way rather than ‘landscape’? I think also it can be the functions bar disappears?


OK, have been having an email argument with the supplier I bought this tent off 2 years ago

Now its a decent tent, the only problem with it is the joins for the bars are pretty shabby. First time we went, 2 of them broke, they gave me 6 spares so it wasn’t much of an issue, but then another 2 broke. I asked them for more, which they sent out. Then after another 5 or 6 camp outs Im down to the bare minimum again. I’ve been mailing them for weeks and they asked for pictures, etc and today they finally came back with a one line - we dont stock these.

So is there any sites, or shops that would stock spare parts for tents? The parts look like this, I think the white ones were better



Maybe try O Meara Camping in Crumlin.


Crumlin?? Fook that, wouldn’t go out there if you paid me!

Thanks though


Lads & Ladies,

Do any of you know about an absolute beginners training for adult women, any social teams/beginner programs in north dublin preferably


I went camping once but ending up getting arrested … for loitering within tent …


Gaelic for Mothers was started up a few years ago, afaik quite a few clubs were involved.



I went camping in France once…not a pleasant experience!
I spent ages collecting small bits of fire wood, arranged it in a nice pile on the ground, and sat there beside it in my speedo’s all day…not a single woman approached me…

Turns out Tinder doesn’t work as well on the Continent…:fire:


I was on holidays on the continent last week too, was thrown out of the swimming pool when the ‘S’ fell off my speedo trunks.


Seeing as we are talking insurance - anyone any recommendations around the short term holiday policy type thing. Don’t want this multi trip mullarkey just the 2 weeks in Spain stuff - with the War Office and 11 kids.

Also - I booked the red car park a couple of years ago and it was around 55 euros for the fortnight. They are looking for 90 now - has it gone up that much???

Thanks …


Know you said you didn’t want to use them but Multi Trip do do one off trip cover IIRC


Believe AA is best if you ever need to use it ( make a claim ) don’t know about price. On parking don’t know the distance you are from Dublin but if you stay in one of the hotels near the airport the night before travel they do a free shuttle bus to airport and a deal for your parking.Alternatively you can drop family at airport park car in my driveway in Balbriggan and get direct bus into airport.