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Lads, finally getting around to this , Popped the beads off last night on the door and measured the existing glass. The lad or lady that fitted before has a few dobs of silicone sitting on the bottom , take it this is not required and the packers are for leaving room for expansion ??


I presume the silicon is there only for security reasons .

The packers are for a number of reasons though.
1.To lift the unit up to avoid screws, water and to fit it that it sits square
2. Security Reasons. If the unit was a few mm too small someone could get behind the beads easy enough especially if it was externally glazed


Cheers Parish
Externally Glazed - what you mean here , Beads are on the external side of the door
Yeah the window i measured looks like it could be a bit bigger - but think i’ll stay the same


Yeah beads on the external side of the door


what fucktard decided that would be a good idea !!!


Sorry I’m late to the party! Yes, external beads weren’t the brightest now, were they!! I concur with every thing the Parish has said!


cheers lads


Howeya lads, any ressers work for Vodafone? Quick question, I have a company work mobile, the are giving me a replacement android but I want to use a unlocked a dual sim android phone I bought in argos, if I put in the company sim does this mean its locked to the Vodafone network and I have to request it to be taken off if I want to get rid of it?



Who is paying the bill for the phone ? The job ? . If the phone is unlocked it means you can put in any network Sim card into the phone . If the phone is with Vodafone you’d have to get it unlocked by contacting vodafone .But I think you are saying you bought an unlocked phone from Argos .Are you saying you want to flog the work phone & use the one you got in Argos ?


Howdy… no the argos phone is simply a much better spec than then bog standard one issued by the job. So i want to use that phone. But lets say I left in 6 months, can I simply take out the work phone sim and put what ever I want into it? Will be locked to vodafoen network because I put a bill paying vodafone sim in it? cheers


If the phone itself is Sim free & unlocked you should be fine to put whatever Sim you want in it afterwards .Its the work Sim thats linked to Vodafone .


The phone you get from Vodafone will be SIM-locked to the Vodafone network, meaning that only Vodafone SIM cards can work on it. The SIM card itself will work on other phones, including your unlocked phone.
So if you leave the company, your Argos phone will still work normally, the phone you get from Vodafone will only work using Vodafone SIMs


Cheers… that’s great. Thanks aswell unbelievable.

Picked up a bush e4x phone fir 265 in Argos and I have to say I pleasantly impressed with the performance and spec of the phone (never been an android user always used the iOS eco system)


Moved to android about 2 years ago having had been an apple head for years . Would never go back to IOS , its file transfer system is horrible with iTunes .


Lads anyone using Lycamobile? Going on holidays next month to the UK ad looking for a prepay data sim to whack into an iPad for use while I’m away… Lycamobile sound reasonable… But know ■■■■ all about them except the annoying feckers that keep trying to sell me prepaid cards on Moore Street


Are you on a bill in Ireland, and not get away with using your roaming allowance while away, along with wifi?


I am but it’s a company phone. Would rather get me own sim and use it as I want


Alright folks, another question to ask the oracle of Dublin. I need a lawnmower and know ■■■■ all about them except they cut grass. I have smallish back garden so I am getting an electric one as its in my budget. Looking at this.|category_root|Garden+and+DIY|14418702/c_2/3|cat_19285823|Lawnmowers|14418813.htm

Would you reckon I’d be ok with that?



If you’ve a small garden, just get the hover lad for around 50 notes. Does the same job expect you have to pick up/rake the grass off it aftewards. Save you 50 though!