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Never got out for the haircut in the end. Used to go to a Turkish joint up on Aungier Street and they always did a great job.


Skin up dude!


Howdy ho campers - quick question on painting! Just glossed two large built in wardrobes doors. I glossed them out the back but they are picking up particles of dust and the odd random midget fly. So million dollar question do I give it a light sanding and touch up? What grade of sandpaper? Cheers folks

I can offer you nothing in return except a detail analysis of sans serif typefaces from 1950 - 1990!



Ah man , did you do that because of the smell of the gloss ? Fraid so about sanding it again . A light grade should do it to create the key again . If its only a few particles I wouldn’t bother at all . Because once you start you might end up painting the whole door again . Gloss is evil .


No I didn’t mind the smell just awkward fecking things to paint hanging. I’ll see what they are like in the morning hopefully they won’t be that bad.


Yeah sleep on it , hopefully it’ll be alright .


If you have a problem never gloss over it. And as my late Mam used to say ‘a problem shared is a good laugh for the rest of us.’


Did your late ma have any advice on plastering?


No but she was never impressed when I arrived home plastered … which was very often … :flushed:


Anybody could look at a tax return for me? It’s all done, and the Revenue sent back their calculations, I just want a brief explanation of what they sent so I can be sure all relevant outgoings were included. It’s a long story, I can’t easily ask the Revenue themselves this question, it’s been dragging on for ages, just want a quick clarification before I set up a payment plan


Made a bollox of the doors well done JJF. Thought the paint was dry went to move and made a big indent in the fucking thing. Felt smashing them up. So I’ll have to wait a few weeks either to sand them down to the bare bones or try and find a cheap replacement. Feck it anyway.


JJF, if you have the time rub down & repaint with oil base eggshell. Dulux is the business. Much easier to apply & far more durable.


Cheers I’m going to leave for a few weeks to let them dry out and then sand the bollox out of them and maybe use that paint you suggested. The gloss sanded down should give it a bit of base


Crap . I got a one coat gloss which was great . Patience is the key really . I’d sand the whole door again & repaint . Its weird that weren’t dry over night . I’d do it indoors the next time .


That’s how they got Al Capone in the end , wasn’t it ?


If you are doing tax returns you should really have an accountant, they could look at that for you too


wrong! syphilitic dementia got Al Capone! Al get yer self to the VD clinic. :slight_smile:


Capital gains, oh the irony of it! :sob:


Anyone know anything about IPTV? Provider and box costs etc?


Not sure they are legal in Ireland but ya know yourself , a quick google should sort you for an android box :wink:. I’ll pm ya details , friend currently getting one so will see what he comes back with .