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It’s all downhill from here…

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Her dad was Trin out.


Lads , how do you claim tickets for the AI club final tomorrow for season ticket holders . I went into the Special Purchase section, selected two tickets and then went back into the Ticket Section but don’t see them ?
Edit , they just showed up now !

If ya buy tickets in Supervalu can ya get a refund ,


Going away to France this year to a resort. Was thinking of renting a car. Yay or nay? I’d be a bit nervous about doing it. Would yiz recommend?


Is it not served by public transport? If it’s a country sort of area then get a car for a couple of days anyway. If it’s in/beside a big town then public transport is/was usually very good. Austerity may have changed things.

If you mean about driving on the right, it is a bit unnerving at first but because everyone else is also doing it, it doesn’t seem as strange as you might think, and you get used to it after a little while. Just take your time, don’t be phased by people hooting at you. Only be phased at driving the wrong way down a six-lane highway during peak time…

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The driving on the right has me nervous. It is served by public transport but it’s not great.


Driving on the actual roads is fine. If there are cars in front of you, it’s easy to just follow their lead and your brain adjusts accordingly. Entering/exiting shopping centres, supermarkets, garages, multi story car parks etc etc…that have a specific entrance & exit, that’s where I can get complacent sometimes. Or turning left at junctions & having to turn into different lanes than your brain & eyes are used to turning into. It just requires enhanced levels of concentration, that’s all. If you know what to watch out for, you’ll be fine. Definitely not hard enough to merit not driving over there at all.

(First one of ye to throw up a picture of Mary Mitchell O’Connor’s car stalled on the Dáil steps, will be dealt with accordingly. :facepunch: )

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Takes a small bit of time to get use to it. But if your a half decent driver then go for it. I’ve driven in USA and over in Switzerland, always got an automatic. Was over in Germany recently and they gave me a manual car. So in addition to getting use to road position, I had to get use to changing gears with my right hand.

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I’m driving an automatic so I’ll try and get the same.


And turning your wipers on when it should be your indicators. That’s bloody annoying too.

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As others have said, once you’re a decent driver without concentration issues, you’ll have no problems.

I never had a problem, because I’m an excellent driver.


Automatic will make thinks simpler.
Worst car hire start I ever had was from Charlotte Airpt in the USA, new road system, roadworks, poor signage, tired from alot of flying, dusk time of day, in the middle of nowhere, hungry, long drive ahead. And that was the fun bits. Mrs 5 having a full-on mickey-fit meltdown only 45 mins into the trip was the bad bit (on top of everything else).

What saved the day was a small diner in the forest just off the highway in the middle of nowhere that was about to close and made up something special for us. Within a day or two we were driving around all over no bother. It’s just getting the head around it.


Cheers Al, cheers all. I’d be a decent pilot so that’s not a worry. I’ll give it a go. Driving a french car anyway so will try and get the same model.


Best tip I ever got for driving abroad, was to just remember that you as the driver should always be in the middle of the road.

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As others have said, if you’re a decent driver you will quickly adapt. I’ve driven hire cars on the continent and an Irish car in France and never had issues. All occasions were manually controlled gears.
Try to read up on road signs before you go.

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Request an automatic car by all means, if you think doing the gear change with the opposite hand would be a major pain. But don’t be surprised if one isn’t available on the day, even if you pre booked one online, as manual drive cars tend to out number automatics 20-1 on the Continent.

Sometimes it’s worth it to go with the bigger car rental companies, that may charge a bit more upfront, as they more likely to have a bigger range of cars for selection on the day. Car rental websites will usually let you book whatever you want, but whether it’s actually there waiting for you when you arrive, can be a different kettle a’fish entirely. The return process of the bigger companies tends to be easier & more streamlined too. That can make a big difference if you’re rushing to catch your flight home.


Been doing it for years so adjust pretty quickly. I actually found it strage driving on the other side of the road when I was back at xmas so just kept drinking so I didn’t have to

Biggest thing in Spain for me is that they don’t know how to use roundabouts, not sure if its the same in France, but if it is, just stay in the right hand lane, no matter where you are existing, they actually teach you to do that here in driving lessons. Mental stuff!


Keep Right JJF

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get the boat from Dublin and use you own car. Could take away some of the uncertainty and add comfort for you and the family