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Cheers Navysela1, see diagram below. This is roughly where my boiler is and I have positioned the alarm above the door slightly around the corner, its about 3 metres. Is that enough? Or should I simply put it on the ceiling beside the boiler. Boiler is in a press.

I got this alarm form Home store and more.


Id put the Alarm Closer to the Boiler and on the ceiling still 1metre away if you can. CO generally travels in warm air so will slightly rise. Seals on Gas Boiler or Breaks in Gas Boiler Flue are usually where CO will appear. Athough i did have one where CO came back in through an open window that was very close to Gas Boiler flue , Faulty Gas Valve on Boiler had created high levels of Co which entered Kitchen through the window.
Co alarm saved the person.


Cheers Navyseal1 i’ll do exactly that


Lads, anyone know what electric sockets are used in the Caribbean? Specifically Tobago, St Lucia and possibly Dominican Republic?
Are they the same as the US and Mexico?



Cheers, Al


Thinly veiled “I’m off to de tropics and youse shower o’miserable baxtards aren’t” post. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m not. The Mrs is, work related. And it will be approaching the hurricane season when she’s there!


Where does she work? Are they hiring? Can I give you as a reference? :wink:


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so your Mrs is from a tiny village in Tobago Al.


How much was the dowry worth?


Nah, she’s from the country… Her maiden name is Yorke.


Lifetime supply of tuna, pole and line caught of course. Or sometimes just reel and line


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