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What’s your opinion on Larkin’s garage ( now based in the old Garda station ) in finglas village. You ever use them ?


No. I’m a mechanic by trade so never use mainstream garages.I do use specialists from time to time if I don’t have the facilities or equipment to do the job.


Ok just wondering whether you heard anything good/bad about them. Have used them for pre nct service, but I know ■■■■ all about cars so not sure whether they re good value for money etc


What are you driving?


A car I’d guess


We have Ford Focus and a Ford galaxy


Could be a One iron …


Ok - thought you were Renault man.


Chest freezer , looks like it defrosted on its own .
It’s cold , but not freezing . Any DIY fixes for this or is it knackered ? Looking like it might be the evaporator fan . Probably not worth it getting it fixed if that’s the case .


Save the ice cream…


Treasure LiamMac he is wise beyond his years :grin:


Lads I’m replacing my carbon monoxide alarm as it’s around 7 years old. I had it upstairs on the bulkhead above the stairs. Is this the best place e to have it? Appreciate any in the know guys that install these giving me a heads up. Many thanks


Depends where your boiler is presuming its gas? Also I’d have one if you had an open fire?


Have an open fire and gas boiler. Gas boiler in downstairs back of the house, open fire in sitting room. So where would you position them beside each area?


I think about 1-3 mtrs away higher the better…but theres defo a plumber on here who would confirm!


Fitting of carbon monoxide detector is brand sensitive and best to follow the manufacturers instructions. Some are wall mounted and some are ceiling mounted, you also have combined heat/ smoke carbon detectors. Bear in mind your existing detectors maybe interlinked ( if one goes off they all sound ) inter linking is brand sensitive so you should only link the same brands together. From the little detail you have given I would find your existing location on the stairs bulkhead unusual for a carbon monoxide detector but good for possibly a smoke detector. I recommend as a minimum you install a carbon monoxide in the same room as your gas boiler with location to be designated by the manufactures instructions. Wesco electrical wholesalers is near to you they will give you very good advice, note the existing brand before calling to them.


Cheers napper - bought one in home store and more. Looked at the instructions and it says same room as source so I’ll go with that I’ll buy another one for sitting room


Top job :+1:


The bulkhead thing was my bad I put it there - can’t remember why at the time. Still it’s good to ask folk in the know. Home store and more looks ok it’s mounted on the wall has an lcd panel shows different warning s etc


Get 2 , ,Place them 1 to 3 meters horizontally from each appliance , Wall or ceiling mounted will work . If on ceiling keep 300 mm from wall or light fitting and if on wall keep 150 down from ceiling ( because of dead airspace )’
Co alarms with 10 year sealed battery are best ,
Not plugging a brand but Ei Electronics are a good make.