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Ah ■■■■ it owed it to them at the end if the day


True, pay your bills and stop being a ■■■■.


where do you see that Tommy ? i was on to them there to see when the fiver deal was up and was told it would go to 30 a month. i’m gonna upgrade to the S10 from my S6 which is a pile of shit at this stage. I can claim tax relief on the cost of the phone , so if i buy it outright i’ll be paying 30 a month for the service with three - or if i go into a contract for 30 a month with three i’ll be paying less up front


I rang 1913 to clarify when the current deal ends and mentioned Eir’s current deal of €15 a month for the first 6 months (then up to €30 on a 30 day). He came back with €20 per month for 12 months.

Like most of these it depends who you get on the phone, I’d try again and mention what I was offered.


Who did you get on the line, James Larkin?


That feckless ne’er do well.


Anywhere near Tara or Pearse St stations that do a daycint full Irish brekkie? Person I’m asking for has a very short train connection time, so had to be somewhere within a 5 minute walk, max. Cheers.


Not sure as I haven’t worked there for a few years now, but there was a great greasy spoon between Tara st dart station and O’Connell bridge on the quays… Reasonable, decent food and coffee was spot on!


Its proabably a fucking Starbucks now :sob:


Possibly Lombard St, can’t recall anywhere along that bit of Pearse St oron Tara St, and Westland Row is raaght posh. Assume you mean has to be betwn the two stations? If not, surely somewhere on the Quay betwn Tara St and OC Bridge. Might be a place right under Stáisiún Sráid Na Piarsigh itself…


There’s a place called Lunch on Lombard St, beside Paddy Power, that I pass on the bus every morning. It’s open then (around 8.30) so I presume it does brekkie. Looks like the type of place where you’d get a good greasy fry up!


Used to go there often for… well lunch, lovely food, do a lovely all day breakfast and an even better breakfast baguette.


Moochas grassy arse chaps.


Been told by the car mechanic that the clutch is slipping and will need to be replaced soon. Anyone an idea of what price I’d be looking at for that on an 08 Qashqai?


Petrol or diesel?




Approx 500. Haven’t done one on a petrol, so that’s a guesstimate!!!


cheers. Just to have a rough idea in my head is enough


01-8568133 Call Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch in Finglas. His work is always top quality while he’s not cheap, his price is the high side of normal. I always say you get what you pay for!


Mate of mine just had his done on a 2011 Volvo and it cost him €950. It’s a diesel though, not sure if that makes it more expensive and he had the flywheel done too (that could be standard when doing the clutch)