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I learned recently how expensive framing is. I was looking to get a much smaller picture framed 50cm x 40cm and cheapest quote I got was €150. That was in 3 different frame places.

Only one I didn’t make it to actually was AM Frames in Drumcondra which was just recommended to you.

I ended up getting an IKEA frame for €16 and to be honest it in bang on. Not as sturdy but it will do the job.


Jaysus - is it pictures yiz are hanging or stuffed animals?!


Me too. Got a quote to get a non standard size portrait framed. Got taken to the absolute cleaners. If it’s something standard size, the likes of Easons, IKEA etc are your man. 'Nowt fancy, but very reasonably priced.


Have you tried Jeremy Beadle?


Like a Mullingar brothel.


I’ll bow to your superior knowledge.


This place, if it’s still going, sells the strips that can be made into a frame, if you know anyone handy with a bit of glue and tacks: Saves a good few squid.

This place in Baldoyle might be reasonable:


Far from reasonable, fella had a balaclava on the last time I went in there for something.


Yeah they were one of the 3 places I tried. To be fair though all 3 places were in and around the same price.

They seemed shocked that I was shocked. Apparently it’s not uncommon for the frame to cost a lot more than the picture or painting it’s designed for.


Did he have a fear of being framed?


Yeah. I went in there too. Quote was very high, even with a very plain frame selected.


I was waiting on that.


The brother paints pictures, always makes his own frames from strips bought in the place in Greencastle/Malahide Rd Ind Estate


Anyone considering their next move before it goes up to €30 per month?


Id mobile never got back to me about paying off the phone…


You bollox. Last payment next week


I kept the head down and didnt reply to their last email . Whenever that was, last year . Not to say it’s the end of it either !


I heard they gave up pursuing people.
Three have offered same deal continuing for 12 months at €20.


I cancelled my direct debit. They had emailed a few times and i ignored. Then the 32 a month started to come out of my account again - i didnt bother challenging it with the bank.


I understand they can’t do that without permission and you have 8 weeks to claim a refund on a payment.