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Yeah that had been mentioned before. Ill have to do something like that alright.


i’m putting those loft stilts - drill pilot holes through the bases to make it easier to attache to joists. Also put them down before your roll out the insualtion


will do.


My ditzy father-in-law had a blonde moment the other day. He had a puncture and changed the wheel, putting on the temporary wheel. He misplaced the wheel lock nut for the alloy wheels and will be Donald Ducked next time he gets a puncture. Can anyone enlighten me on his options, please?


Ah the old “father in Law” … he does a lot of stupid things … as does a mate of mine :slight_smile:


I knew someone would say so! :slight_smile:


Tell then all to feck off Beeko… I have one of those Father In Laws… he downloaded that fecking app ‘Mackeeper’ not once but 22 times in one sitting. Lads that don’t have a ‘father in law’ don’t understand.


If the lock nuts were original parts (supplied with the car) then a main dealer will have a master set and can figure out which one you need and order a replacement one for you.

If they were after market lock nuts then he will need to have them drilled out or otherwise removed. Can either replace with a new set or standard wheel nuts

or follow the you tube method of a small socket, lump hammer and elbow grease


Cheers, @Vin. VW are quoting a ridiculous price for a replacement set and it’s quite an old car. I think that YouTube vid might come in handy.


wouldn’t bother with lock nuts, just get a set of standard wheel nuts, halfrauds have them for €24 and a lock nut extractor for €20


Looking for recommendations of where to buy a good quality A2 frame for a print that I bought recently.


Used to be a place in Greencastle Industrial estate in Coolock would make a frame up, probably gone now, worth a google


Skerries frameworks, 26 church street opposite Supervalue, great range & choice and really good quality.


Cheers, I might pop out there on Friday


Ikea? Serious selection of frames there!


I was reading earlier about a place that does two frames for the price of one. I think they were called Vision Express or something.


Yup they do. Good value for the shillings


Have a few IKEA frames but they sometimes feel a little flimsy, that said I’ll trapse up and have a look.


Try AM Frames in Drumcondra ,
Mother in law does a lot of painting ,and uses them all the time .


Would she be able to give me a quote for the Hall, stairs and landing?