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Howdy ho the Oracle of Knowledge and pratical stuff… Going to attempt to put in an attic stair door seen one in Woodies for 100 jabba the huts. Want to put down a load floor boards to so we can throw shit up there so that we can put more shit in the freed up space.

Any advice? Can I put plaster board going up the rafters? Or is there any point in doing that? Anyone use that Woodies attic stairs?

Cheers lads


Wouldn’t bother putting plaster boards on the rafters unless you’re actually going to convert the attic. How old is the house, approx?


14 years old.


More shit in the freed up space, classic!


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Maybe you should build a patio instead. Deep. Loads of concrete.


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If it’s 14 years old, the roof structure would more than likely be of pre-fabricated roof trusses rather than a traditional, cut-timber roof. These newer house are more difficult to convert*, but that’s not to say it cannot be done. It would usually, however, involve inserting some relatively light steel beams. The only reason I would line the attic with plaster boards would be if you were going to convert it to a liveable room. In that case, you should insulate between the rafters and the plaster boarding you put up.

*Some local authorities were insisting that newer homes were built with pre-fabricated roof trusses that were already adaptable to the attic being converted.


Cheers Beeko, no it wouldn’t be a liveable room, just as a small storage area. I want to be able to get up and around it handy enough, without breaking me neck. I plan to run electricity up there. So I am looking.

  1. Stiro type stair.
  2. MDF Boards (with insulation)
  3. Electrical source so I am can put in a light.
  4. boxes for her shit.


I really don’t see the need for insulating the attic, unless some of the stuff being stored is of value and vulnerable to cold or heat?


i got a stira in recently - grand job , standard size , 22/24 inch - prob the same as what is in woodies etc - would go with a wider one if i was to view it again - while my arse fits up the current one - it can be tough moving stuff up and down.


This is causing me concern!

Im going to get this bad boy.

Along with these


In regards to insulation I thought I’d whack up some more as it has the bare minimum. This is a peak time celtic tiger house where the builder just met the bare minimum on a lot of the standards.


width is the same - i had contemplated buying one and fitting it myself , in the end i wasn’t arsed - you prob would get a better quality ladder installed for 280 - Staira is 480.

The 3 pack of mdf boards - now heres the thing - whats the current level of insulation in your attic. think the min recommended now is 270mm of insulation roll.

If you have that - great , but laying those mdf boards over the insulation and compressing it down reduces 300mm back down to 100mm. two option then , buy loft stilts - which can be add up to a few euro the more you floor - or add timber to the exisiting joists