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Similar issue in my house except wifi works but minimally.

Picked up one of these. Think it was about £15 on Amazon.

Other option is the TP Link plugs as mentioned . You can get the sender of these to broadcast a network if you want wifi over hard-wired.


Got sorted, thanks lads


Question around plumbing - Was supposed to be getting a new washing machine delivered today, but when I went to disconnect the old last night the straight valve fitting (the one with the blue or red lever) is busted and wouldn’t shut. I turned off at the mains and drained the pipe when having a look, but there was still a decent trickle of water even with everything off.

When I go to replace that valve this evening is there anything I can do to stop that constant trickle as it’ll take a few minutes to put it on and I don’t want me floor soaked as I do? Its hard to get a bucket in under where the valve is


One of my favourite Richie Kavanagh songs.


No way @Harrys_Tiles


You’re sure that’s not Alison Spittle?


Easiest way is to turn on a tap from the same supply should do the trick.


That’s smart!


Duh me… Thanks that did it, still a trickle but not half as bad :+1:


Looking for a exterior cable plate . Anyone know where ya get one in Ireland instead of the UK


Most electrical supply shops have them, don’t they?


They will charge you for it


That’s the thing, it costs about £2 but the postal charge is about £8 , rip off .


Pun police acting quicker and quicker.




They are switched on.


What’s with Asian people walking around in surgical masks?


How often do you shower?


Special occasions, but we digress.


It might look odd but they probably have a point. Avoiding either fumes from the bumper to bumper traffic in our city or if you’ve ever used public transport in Dublin you’ll be well aware of all the coughing and snotting and windows left closed while the condensation runs off them!

Covering up I suppose minimises the risk of picking up these germs…