Arsene Wenger FC


Yep, cheers. We had a great day!


Wasn’t expecting this news. It will be very odd to see a new man in charge and a new era for the club and all, but overall very very happy that he has decided to leave now, has he ruined his legacy at the club? Not sure, but if he signs off with the Europa cup it will be a fitting send off for the prof.

Who will replace him though? I’d love Allegri or Simeoni but knowing Arsenal they’ll get Allardyce or Vieira!


If 'Arry does well with Castlehaven …



Was just talking about this earlier and how he possibly overstayed his time and should have gone 5 years ago like Fergie while at the top. That said he has won 3 fa cups and potentially a Europa cup in this period so although not really competing for the league it hasn’t been without some success in the latter years either.
Tuchal would be my preference to instill some discipline and structure to them. I reckon the new recruitment team so am expecting some good progress there early in the summer window. Fingers crossed the dark days are over …