Arsene gone, Unai’s red army!


Jeysus. Don’t like the sound of that, and also read that Gazidis the CEO is leaving too. Wholesale changes at Emirates.


This bit is particularly bad

“The company will no longer have to hold an annual general meeting, traditionally an opportunity for shareholders – many of them fans in Arsenal’s case – to ask questions of directors and hold them to account. Kroenke could even fire independent directors at will, with no repercussions”


I wonder if that was all made known to Wenger last season, giving him the chance to pack his bags before being pushed out the door?


This is total hyperbole…headline should read “wealthy guy buys football club”…big deal.

Why would anyone think that he would not act in the best interests of his investment?

Would these supporters rather Arsenal live outside of their means and sign loads of players on crazy money and end up like a Leeds or whoever…??
I think Arsenal are very well run and balanced in how they are run and how much money is made available…how well that has been spent, that’s another issue?


A bit like the reaction to the Glazier’s takeover of Utd - lots of wailing & gnashing of teeth. Yes, they’re in it to make money, but they’re still willing to spend money based on the turnover & revenue the club generates. All indications are that Kroenke will be the same at AFC. Less transparency, but I think that’s only window dressing - fans don’t have any power to hold the board or the club to account. Even AST who represent fans who own shares only really get to ask questions as far as I can see. And all those fans will make a nice profit when their shares are compulsorily acquired. i’m sure they’ll say that’s not why they bought them, but it’ll soften the blow.


Huge improvements in Arsenal since Emery came in. Honestly didn’t expect this much improvement in such a short time. Still needs a couple of defenders and the jury is still out on the goalkeepers, but what he’s done to the existing squad is great so far. Still a fair distance off challenging for the title, but going in the right direction!


Yis are as near as Liverpool.


High praise indeed.


Actually, no. They’re 4 points ahead of Arsenal!