Are things getting out of hand?


Rte promo for game


Are you Fcuking kidding me ?


Given the changes made, and the effect they had, I’d say there is good reason not to name your team until just before the match. No point giving the oppo time to plan for our changes.


The GAA calling upon their social media platforms for their Player of the Week is another example. Don’t want to pollute the match thread with Social Network nonsense & it’s very minor issue but it shows, I think, the levels of disgust that our glorious spell stirs in some folk.

Published on their Facebook page just half an hour ago, the candidates are (with current ‘Likes’ / votes in brackets);

Deano (35)
Mick Fitz (47)
Durcan (485)

I’m sure he’ll be chuffed with the accolade in place of a celtic cross :smile:


Its not all bad, just read the below on reddit …

"I’ll begin by saying that I am a proud mayo fan. I am a season ticket holder and I have only missed 4 league or championship matches since getting the season ticket in 2013. Some of the things I have seen on social media since Saturday from other mayo people have been laughable.

There seems to be an opinion that the ref robbed us. Nonsense, while he let some Dublin players away with black card offences, there were also several mayo players lucky to stay on the pitch also. I thought the ref played the Occassion very well and for the most part he was fair with his decisions.

People are saying Rob hennelly lost us the game. This is a cruel and uninformed opinion, while rob made some mistakes he wasn’t the only one. A goalkeepers mistakes will always be most obvious, but there were several outfield players loosing possession or missing tackles that are equally culpable.

I keep hearing that mayo supporters are the best in the country. At the end of Saturdays match Dermot Connelly was interviewed at the sideline. In my section many of the mayo fans leaving (who wouldn’t even wait for the presentation!!!) started booing him and shouting abuse. Such disrespect showed to an amateur player who dedicates his life to the game made me ashamed to the point where I apologised to the dub beside me on mayos behalf. Not in line with “the best supporters in the country”.

Dublin won the game because they were the better team on the day. The Dublin back line in the second half put in a performance as good as any I have ever seen. So let’s show them some respect for a fantastic achievement and move on with our lives!!



Jaysus, you found some sense amongst the madness!


one of the facebook Cork GAA Banter Pages had a complete meltdown over the weekend and got into some bother with facebook, the all dublin gaa fans page had a thread on it, very nasty stuff.

do you know cork have 507 titles?


500 of which were self proclaimed for best 2nd city in the country!


The site is so quiet now, if this is the only site you were on, you would have a lot of time on your hands!


Quiet but quality …

The rest are all white noise …


we could regurgitate endless news rehashed from other sources and pretend we’re journalists if you like? … it is quiet tho … then again it is january.


Ah I know, Im just bored having to do real work and reading old threads like this one that I missed during the summer


Speaking of old threads, Rochey has been quiet lately.


Well he did say it was gonna be snowing today/tomorrow, or maybe it wont, could be rain, or just win, or it could get mild again…


Dublin snow shield will be fully functional, the rest of the country will get a pasting mind you!!!


been snowing on and off all day here, nothing sticking so far.


Was in Waterford earlier. Lots of snow. Thought I was at the OByrne Cup Final :scream:


i see the “all dublin fans” page has started a Monday Mayo joke thing on facebook. Pity they left out the joke, its cringe central over there.