Are things getting out of hand?


I’m up and down like a yo yo Alfredo. Right now it feels like we are under siege from the whole goddam country! I’m hanging on right now to Dub 09’s eternal optimism of the not so spotless mind.




Yeah Doomed.



Amended that for you.


Along with the general nastiness that is creeping in (or maybe as discussed, was always there but we just know about it now because of social media). There is what I think is a new thing, to find a reason to denigrate the achievement of winning teams.
Dublin win because of money, Kerry win because they have a handy run to the final, Donegal win because of tactics etc. etc.

It is just a mean spirited thing really. I wonder if people who are bad mouthing the opposition look at the players at the end of the game, and the genuine respect they have for each other - and they have been the ones hopping off each other for 70+ minutes.

I can honestly say as someone who goes to virtually every Dublin game, hurling and football, in all competitions, that I am going off the whole thing. Who really needs extra nastiness in their lives…


Just read respected publications wifi. It’s easy enough to avoid all the noise on social media. It’s actually quite refreshing to cut it out.


Every subject is the same, brexit, trump etc, lame dump arguments presented as fact. Stupid people swallowing rubbish. you’d wonder about humanity really.


I would mostly practice that too. But one of the issues is that too many people engage and buy into the nonsense and nastiness and this (to my mind) is hugely responsible for the changing atmosphere.


Not to mention folk out there creating agendas themselves after games which makes its way to the likes of etc . How Connolly even has a twitter account like Al Brogan is beyond me .


Wifi you don’t need any of them. I’ve stopped reading them all. I don’t watch the Sunday Game analysis. Nothing. I know enough to know what I’m looking at. Don’t need anyone explaining anything to me. This is the only website I bother with.

Give them all up bar here. You’ll feel a lot better!!


You married ?


Absolutely NOT :smiley: :smiley:


We need to convert the masses though Alan. This could be the 21st century crusade …


You find all,that stuff on the respected publications too.


If your talking about Hill 16 Army Barry goes to absolutely every Dublin game that’s on. I’m talking all football, hurling games underage & adult, male & female. He organises buses to the away O’Byrne cup & league matches that most people dont bother to go to. Heard him on morning Ireland this morning and I thought he was excellent.

Im sure he a sound guy, I’m talking about the people who follow him and the comments. Im not focusing on just that group, a few have popped up over the last few years and let’s be honest they are full of their own importance, I’m sure originally it was a good idea, but it’s been hijacked now by a lot of shams, who have no more interest in a game of ball lately it seems we are getting bombarded with pointless crap,
Some of it very childish and just people who want to be outraged.
A real , "wait till I tell you what they said about us today "
As I said earlier a real pain in the arse.


I think you are spot on…


I think he is.

There’s refusing to engage with alternative opinions, which is ridiculous and narrowminded, and then there’s simply refusing to engage with pure nonsense based on ignorance and prejudice, which does a lot for your sanity, stress levels, and the health of your laptop.


Don’t often agree with Alan but I’m taking a No Mas to social media, the last straw for me was seeing John fogarthy engaging with Mayo supporters as if they where best friends. I deleted my account and I won’t be going back. I’ll happy to sit back with my blue tint glasses on here, that might upset bummer who like us all to see many colours, but ■■■■ it, the vitriol and downright pure nastiness is simply overwhelming and bad for ones hypertension. social media my hole more like anti-social media.


I’m stealing that.


No prolems! But always follow with because jumpin jack flash thinks John fogarthy is a lord haw haw!