Any SKY Q users?


Yeah @JJF is your man for that for advice on what to do .I have a different setup in regards to cutting the chord , probably more hassle than what it’s worth for you .


Thanks. will definetly look at those.


Have letters started to go out to tell Customers this?

Only re-signed with them recently on a new deal but really want to get Eir & BT sport so might use this opportunity to bin them and go with Sky for tele.


You can get Eir & BT for “free” if your with eircom .You just register your sky card on the Eir website .


Thanks. Yeah I have it on the ipad and had been using it on my android box to watch it on the tele but the Android App stopped working a few weeks ago! … It’s under my mothers name so I can’t ring their tech support team about it either.

I watch a fair bit of UFC and boxing so would ideally like to have the Eir sport / BT Sport stations available to record stuff that’s on in the early hours of the morning.


Must check out the Eir app on android box , i wonder is it available on the Google app store on my Nvidia shield .


You might have to side load it if you can get an APK. Didnt see it in the Android TV OS store. But its been updated all the time so it could be.


Never occurred to me to put the app on it :open_mouth:.


Starting to go out, haven’t received mine yet though.


So I signed up with Sky last month for the TV, broadband and talk. I got a pretty good deal €49 all in, it’s just the basic tv package but happy enough with that for the moment. It was the deal they were advertising constantly back at the start of November.

Thing is I got an email from them today saying the talk and broadband price is going up €2 a month from December. €24 over the year is not going to break the bank but just wondering if they can advertise a price as a special offer and within a month of the offer ending they put up the price? Haven’t even got the broadband in yet or paid a bill so thought it was a bit strange


That’s thanks to eircom and the line monopoly. You can walk away from the contract as you are legally entitled too… who you go to after that is up to you, who ever is the cheapest. For the most part I was hit with aswell I’ll suck it up fir now as I do like sky and their products.


Yeah, they explained that in the email alright. I’ll be staying with them as I don’t think I’d get TV for a tenner a month anywhere else. I would have expected to be advised about the upcoming increase when I rang about the offer but as you say, suck it up for now


Yeah they won’t say it alright, though Charlie Weston of the indo flagged it last month. The eir bastards set the pace on everything. Of course sky don’t have to put it back on their customers but eircom are a disaster. The only company I woukd touch with a barge pole. Terrible terrible entity.


It was announced last week that all providers are putting up their costs, as @JJF said it’s Eircom hitting all providers for bandwidth…


Is Eircom’s workforce still heavily-unionised?


Asked like a true member of the Bourgeoisie … :sunglasses:


Had to take a break from my skinny latte to google its meaning.


So after a year using sky q and all discounts depleted I’m looking to switch (except eir who can go and fück themselves)

Don’t need the ten million channels that are on offer so was thinking of

  1. New saoirview connect box
  2. Vodafone tv + broadband
  3. Virgins tv + broadband offering

Any thoughts? Rochey? Cheers

gave sky a bell and their offers where very poor. Even though I am with them 17 years. Think I’ll jack in both broadband and Tv and go with Vodafone for broadband and get the Saoirview Box.