Anti-Social Scumbags


Get away car dumped in Ringsend at 8am this morning. Passed by the scene on the way home from work, a good 12 hrs later. There must have been over a dozen Guards at the scene & they were just the ones I could see driving by on the way to the East Link toll bridge. Lord knows how many were there earlier this morning. Good bloody luck to you if you are in trouble, or in need of Garda help while they are all off processing the fallout from the latest piece of Kinehan/Hutch scumbag behaviour.


Would you prefer if they didn’t preserve a crime scene or process it for evidence??


No. That is not what I meant at all. I’m pissed off at the H/K gangs for draining our Garda manpower resources, when they are already stretched very thinly as it is, not at the Guards themselves. Jesus, no !


Good possibility that this was a personal feud and not HK related. The hit was botched from the start and the fact that the van wasn’t burned out is very amateurish!


Seems to be some rumour of a personal dispute but not of a criminal nature with West Dublin drug dealers


Liberal bleeding hearts groups that wants us all to hold hands and sing we are the world and to rehabilitate the scum of society so the liberal cuntz can pat themselves on the back


As Arlo Guthrie said…ah feck it, I’ll post it in the tunes thread. The one retreat left here that’s almost free of ranting.


Scumbags who did this deserve an unmerciful hiding


They deserve to die in prison, nothing less.


Well go ahead Al no doubht it will take 5000 words and btw if my posts rants posts offend your delicate nature simply ignore them


But then I wouldn’t be able to rant about them…



Great news.


Not really. I ordered a pizza when I was over in February and it never arrived.

Poor ■■■■■■■


Sound of those are more contact than tactical. Good enough for them tho!