Anti-Social Scumbags


I wouldn’t dare walk through there at night :wink: a bus Station is a bus station but having said that I feel much safer walking he streets of Manhattan than I do Dublin at night


Probably don t recognise that green and red yoke ya wear in New York


Over there in a Mayo top you’d be misken for a Mexican…


Totally. They are aware of how costly a PR disaster like they recently had can be.


Just because it’s a good PR move to be seen to be reacting the way that they did, it doesn’t make the actions of the Starbucks store manager any less fcuked up.


In fairness, it was probably blown out of all proportion.


Mexico probably win Sam before you do.(could nt resist sorry)


If ye thought starbucks story was brutal in regards to pr, check this out


Bit more than anti social scumbaggery, but it looks like God fearing Peter Taylor’s darker side has finally caught up with him! He was training the Kinahan lads in Bray club and was warned of the consequences! Looks like the 30 year old that died was an innocent bystander. He wasn’t known to the Gardai anyway.



Was only matter of time before another innocent got killed. These fuckers have no fear of anyone or anything and yet you have some advocating the abolition of the Special Criminal Court.

There needs to be a get tough policy with these lads like what happend in Limerick with the Dundons where the Guards were constantly in their face


Taylor himself was injured and taken to hospital.


Taylor was the intended target apparently


Not the kind of people who would take no for an answer either…


This government’s record in dealing with gangland crime isn’t the best, in my opinion.


Garda resources are nowhere near what they should be. In terms of technology and man power.


That would cost money, and Hans und Fritz from the Troika say that were not allowed spend any of it on stuff like this, only on paying off the debts that we were forced to take on in order to bail out their pension funds


I have a friend in the Gardaí and he told me if the public knew how poorly resourced they were and the real knock on effects of that there would be people on the streets.

He gave an example that on a Saturday night he was working covering the Blanch area, there was only 1 patrol car for the entire area for the entire night.

The Pulse system was rejected by the Met Police 20 years ago as it was too outdated … not over here though, it’s still going strong and not fit for purpose since the day it was installed!


Not acceptable that another innocent person is killed…Dublin and Ireland is a very small place. I know this is contraversial but these gang members…all of them need to be lifted and locked up without trial of necessary. I consider them a threat to the national security of this country…they are traitors to the Irish state.


Maith an fear!


Due process … bleeding hearts … lawyers … natural justice …