Anti-Social Scumbags


It was our indigenous nomadic community.


Probably No campaigners.


Had to be southsiders.


they were heading home to the northside


They missed their exit.


Scummy pricks. A couple of years hard labour would do the job :+1:


Having the shit beaten out of them would also help.


Dirty scumbags. Shows how clever these lads are. €50 between 3 of them!


Wait till Ben D Over gets his hands on them…


Pity the farmer didn’t have a gun and shoot the scum dead. That’s what anyone who enters another home with the intent to cause harm should get.


Saw some anti social behavior on a NJ transit train once in Penn Station NYC…needless to say the NYPD transit police soon had their faces smashed into the platform, handcuffed and taken away within 5 mins. Impressive policing but would probably labeled police brutality here


It would be filmed now & up on social media now within seconds .


The bleeding heart brigade would be out protesting.


May have been impressive then but what about the 2 black lads arrested in Starbucks for being eh black. What if NY finest or Philadelphia s finest decided to use the hard tactics on them . Police need to be policed too . Wouldn’t fancy living in that type of country. We have some soft sentencing here agreed and some of our Garda could do with a bit of initiative for sure but the hit ( or shoot )first ask later yankee approach is not something I d like to see here .


The issue here is more the judiciary. Must be so frustrating for the Guards to do all that work catching scrotes only to see the judicial system practically mollycoddle them.


I wonder did the certain bird of prey get to watch the Champions’ League final in comfort last Saturday?


Wait till they get the tasers though … can you imagine the craic then … they’ll be throwing them round like lightsabers :grinning:


or the scene in the Hangover…IN THE FACE!! :joy:


Can you just imagine the first AI final win after the lads get tasers … There’ll be a line of taser drawn Garda at the top of clonliffe road just waiting to unleash the voltage on an AIG jersey!


Why bring up the Starbucks incident? The vast vast majority of arrests made are lawful and correct. NY actually sets the standard for the rest of the US in how to police a big city. Zero tolerance must be introduced. If your not causing trouble or not a criminal then you have nothing to worry about.

I’ve stumbled out of bars in nyc and gone into take always at 4am…zero trouble. In Dublin or any Irish town a fight usually breaks out. No respect for law and order here.