Anti-Social Scumbags


I just did! Ask your brother!!! :slight_smile:


Can’t say what?


Ok I was thinking where the ■■■■ is all these gurriers & scobies coming from? And then I seen this pull up in front of me. :grin:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Brilliant!


If every Irish person that emigrated somewhere was thrown back here after breaking the law or committing fraud we would have hundreds of thousands more people living on our island.



That’s even better than…


Put up a few stats there like a good man. Evidence?


You chill there and let me google that shit for you boss!

Here we go for starters… Estimated 50,000 Undocumented Irish living in the U.S., by right they could be rounded up and shipped home for living illegally.

Now google, Australia… Canada… UK … .etc … Are you alright to do the maths from here?


“Undocumented Irish” me hoop.

Call them what they are. Illegal aliens.

(Not you Hawks, the author of the article)


Waffle. Facts instead please.


Little shitbags

Even if they’re caught they’ll get nothing more than a slap on the wrists and they well know it and that’s why they do it. No fear


Options, lowest of the low springs to mind. If I hear another community do gooder say it’s social deprivation I’ll puke. Scumbags simple as.


Correct. Disgraceful behaviour and the people in their gardens laughing and egging it on are as bad. Thats their own area and their neighbours property being destroyed. Shocking


That’s Berryfield in Finglas south. It’s a common enough occurrence in there. As we used to say about it “they eat their young in Berryfield”

A kip full of scumbags.


There’s a bad element in it but I know a lot of decent people from there too.
( I’m not being a dick, I know you know that Rochey)


There are very few good people living in there still now a days Harry, they point and laugh at all the shite that goes on and just carry on. If all the places I was fearful of going into (including several halting sites) Berryfield is top of the list!


I still know a lot of decent people up there who are trapped there, victims of economic circumstance.
I’m surprised you’d tar an area with such a broad brush.
Peace out!


Just incredibly crap experiences up there, that’s all.


Wonder who it could have been :thinking::thinking::thinking: