Anti-Social Scumbags


At least we actually have hospitals.

There are about 10-15 hospitals of a varying sizes & specialties within a 10 mile radius of my house. And your house too, I imagine.

If your child woke up in the middle of the night puking blood, there is a very good chance he/she would still be alive in the morning.

The same can not be said for a similar parent in the same situation in Nigeria.


A Garda beaten with a steel baseball bat can bleed to death quite quickly too. There were so many protesters that armed Gardai had to be called upon for the safety of the unarmed Gardai. Every person that was arrested was Nigerian. Go on. Say something like ‘Sure our own are as bad’.


Well, aren’t they?


Sher aren’t the Kinahan’s from lagos.


And the Hutch’s from Hutchistan.


By the way, i don’t see anyone excusing their behaviour. But it’s kinda weird that you go out of your way to point out when immigrants do something.


As I have said before, I think people who come to these shores and are afforded a better life, should be grateful for the chance. They get housing, children’s allowances, dole etc for doing absolutely fcuk all! Wouldn’t you think they would take the chance with both hands?

Yes we have a native underclass, some of it born of inequality/circumstance and some the result of pure badness. I don’t see this as an excuse for the behaviour of the newcomers. I know I will be the recipient of moral outrage now so let’s have it…


The fact is that people from all sorts of places are all different, some will do their best to get on in life others will take the piss, others are scumbags. For what it’s worth i’d happily throw these f**kers back to nigeria for their troubles.


I just find it shocking.


We have a native under class, born out of inequality & circumstances…and that’s ok, as long as they are Irish? But if you’re a scumbag and not native Irish, that’s worse? They don’t get excuses made for them of “circumstances” or “born in inequality” too?

Bit of a double standard there, especially as someone growing up in Nigeria is likely be surrounded by poverty & levels of hardship, on a scale that is utterly unimaginable here.


Don’t. A large proportion of any population are idiots.


Really? Do you not think it’s beyond the beyond that people who come here and get looked after would do that?


Fact. Sure Bryan Adams headlined Slane.


Francis Ledwidge has rested uneasily since…


For shame, the first thing I ever remember about him is his big kissy lips.

What a legacy.


Of course not. Sadly the previously mentioned idiots think everyone owes them something, and that they can do whatever the hell they want. The lads caught up in this are just the Nigerian equivalent of our own gurriers. Ideally, we’d only take in their best and brightest but that’s not the way refugees work.

Watched a documentary about the Boko Haram insurgency in northern Nigeria and the crackpot military retaliation and it was honestly one of the most disturbing things I have ever seem. both side slaughtering people in the most callous, vicious ways. A line of people tied up waiting to have their throats slit one by one and then thrown into a mass grave. I’ll try and find the name of the documentary but well worth a watch if you think nigeria is a barrel of laughs.


This was the documentary, seriously the grimmest thing i think i have ever seen outside old WW2 footage of the nazi death camps.


Same as Irish people then?


I see what you mean Iomaint, and I see where you’re coming from, but the Irish exported people for decades and some of our lot were the biggest trouble makers in England, America and Australia. We got shit for free too!!!

That said, we have our indigenous nomadic people here, who are making up a big percentage of our prison inmate population, yet account for less than 1% of the national population. Make of that what you will! We have our own problems here too.


You can’t say that kind of thing here … or anywhere in fact …