Anti-Social Scumbags


Sounds mental. They attacked the guards at their own house. And still had the baseball bat there that evening. F**kin Morons.


this line for that article.

The Nigerian national, who is known to gardai, has links to suspected drug dealers in the locality.



I’m not sure what you are getting at?


What I am getting at is that some people come to this country to make a better life for themselves and this is what they end up doing?


Here we go again. Groundhog Day!!


I bet ya there’s not going to be any pun for Ground Hog day!


you’ve done it again


Deja vu this thread in another light now?




Unlike all the homegrown gurriers who can’t even make a decent fist of it despite being lucky enough to be born in as rich a country as Ireland.


Nigeria is an exceptionally rich country. It’s the richest in Africa by miles.


Seriously? … Okay, Ireland is rated top 10 richest countries in the world by the IMF, the World Bank and the CIA. Nigeria is 120-135th place or so by all three. We are spectacularly lucky to be born here. Yet we have scrots who can’t be arsed.


All the wealth in the world is of little use, if it’s in the control of dictators, armies & foreign commercial interests. If it’s not trickling down & providing a decent quality of life to the average citizen, they may as well not have it.


the richest in africa is still a long way off how piss easy we have things in countries like ireland, for all our flaws, we have it damn cushy.


The IMF have it at 129 in the world

Being the richest country in Africa is a bit like being the best actor in Fair City…
not all that much to brag about.


Or the most intelligent person in America …


I just get a pain in my hole with people making excuses for the bad behaviour of migrants. Lots of the people who come here are not poor and are not asylum seekers. The fact is that Nigeria is not the barren wasteland it is made out to be. Riven with corruption. Their own fault or that of the colonial powers but not our fault.


We have people freezing on the streets and dying on hospital trolleys. The auld trickle isn’t going great for us, is It?


Ah okay, I’m with you now. :slight_smile:


Or the classiest McGregor.