Anti-Social Scumbags


An oldie but a goldie


“Lesbian teachers want to have sex with your pets” :zipper_mouth_face:


And what’s wrong with that?


As long as its consentual, fair enough.


I just mentioned it to the budgie there, seems keen enough.




That belongs in the petting zoo.


I knew you had a new bird!

The heavy petting zoo!


She’s certainly seen a cockatoo…


It’s illegal to have sex with a Minor.
Though who knows what went on with all those poor budgies in the dark narrow tunnels at the coalface…


Problem is, instead of keeping schtum about it she’d sing like a canary!


Time to tar and feather her! Medieval punishment shuts all them feminists up!

(Ducks for cover)

Did I ever tell you about the time I bought a pelican curry? It was delicious, but the bill was huge!


But Rochey, a bird in the hand…!


Shits on the wrist?


Duck down cover


The type of lads you’d love to have seen run into Lugs Brannigan


I’d prefer to see them run into a wood chipper…


I would gladly do the work of the wood chipper on these bastards. I firmly believe that some form of physical punishment is warranted. They burnt her alive.


Form a que. I won’t need a woodchipper either. They are pure evil, scary to think humans like this exist.


That’s it exactly. That’s gone from scummers into downright evil. jail is too good for the likes of that.