Anti-Social Scumbags


Good post @URoy - if a viable political party could not rise out of the ashes of the economic collapse then I despair that one ever will at this stage. I have a theory that we were subservient for so long that we don’t have it in our DNA to want to run our own affairs. As a people we are amazingly apathetic about our politics - we just don’t want to know. Democracy doesn’t really suit. Perhaps we should look at other models.

ps The very creation of welfare payments were for short term assistance to people … alas they have become a lifestyle choice …


She is seriously fcuking rough looking for 39, imagine she went out and got a job she might be able to look after herself and afford holidays to Vegas…


Chap in work here is from Limerick - intelligent chap and high up in the job here.
He was saying when he goes home the majority of his road don’t work.
One lad in a family went out to work and he lasted two weeks in the job as he was getting ridiculed by his family for working !!


Sure the estateI grew up in, very few people worked, they all knew the system, the more kids, the more dollars! There was one family across the road from me. 8 or 9 kids, never worked a day in their lives. Always in the pub though and smoking too. One of the daughters now lives around the corner from me in the center of the town with her 3 kids, no father in sight and the 3 kids obviously from different stags! (the middle one is black :joy:)
I saw her (weekly I assume) delivery of groceries from VdeP one day last week and she herself is always in the boozer. Great little country!


There is no doubt there will always be a minority who will be allergic to work but at the height of our economic glory we had what economists call full employment (less than 2% on the dole I think). So people will work if decent paid jobs are there.


Who doesn’t go to the States for a 13th birthday party? It’s a big milestone.


3.9% was the lowest it got (April 2001). That’s still around 100,000 people who were on the scratcher when places couldn’t get people to fill jobs across pretty much the entire skills range. You’ve also got an indeterminable number of people who are out of work on long term sick leave and we’ve probably all come across people who are doing so on clearly spurious grounds.

I don’t accept the “I’ll work for decent pay” line. Like many, I started work on relatively crap pay and had to work and study my way up to something decent. The time to enforce that is when people enter the workforce, as they’ll typically still be living with their parents.


And also them figures are always made better with people on C.E/ Tús schemes as they are effectively taken off the live register whilst on the scheme.


Can they not introduce mandatory hours to work every week? Divide their benefits by the minimum wage as a starting point to decide the hours required to work in projects benefiting the community


I would 100% believe that nobody should ever get anything for nothing … not least for their own dignity.


They tried that with the Gateway scheme, where LT unemployed got a top up on the dole and worked with the local council. RBB, Pink Mick, Megaphone Murph et al. decried it from the rooftops as being a disgrace making folk do a tap for their free money


There was a decent article at the time showing how much one would have to earn to make it worth their while to give up the dole (and medical card etc etc etc)…think the number was over 40k…And who in their right mind would pay one of these losers that kind of money to come in and be lazy cuunts around their workplace.

There needs to be a weening off after say 6 months at which point they have to work for the council or something to collect.


Social welfare have a booklet explaining your entitlements. It’s about 80 pages long. For divilment I added up what a couple with two kids would get. More than €21,000 into the hand in direct benefits. That does not include things like medical cards, rent allowance and other entitlements.Frightening when you take into account that someone working would get nothing. And as you note you’d want to be near €40000 before you begin to make money.

Social Welfare pays out €20 billion a year (including pensions). In a country this size that is hardly sustainable.

It’s one of the reasons I find the likes of Murphy not just objectionable but actually offensive. He knows he’s spouting bullshit. But he also knows who votes for him.


The numbers are frightening. It’s why I say as a start, they need to stop offering all this to kids entering the workforce now, when there are plenty of jobs around. Bolt the hatch of the welfare trap shut from day one.

For the record, as someone who is lucky enough to be in a position where I’m not counting every last cent I spend, I should stress my motivation here isn’t tax cuts for the likes of me. It’s about basic fairness and providing for the health, welfare and educational needs of those in our society that most badly need it. Some of the stories I hear of parents with kids with disabilities and the crap they have to endure to try to get basic help for their children would absolutely sicken you. As would the state of our health system in general. The golden circle and their ilk certainly should be made make a much greater contribution to the pot to pay for all this and our Oireachtas budget ought to be halved but the notion that having upwards of a hundred thousand people sitting on their holes for a living isn’t a massive part of the problem too defies all logic.


You should join the social democrats. You have my vote. Agree with all of this.


If you draw welfare all your life and never put a cent in the system your reward is €227 when you’re 66 …


If you can make it to 66 after drinking, smoking, eating McDonald’s and using heroin everyday since you were 18 then you deserve the few bob.


Reservoir Nazis :grinning:


I thought I’d clicked on The Journal by mistake…


Or the Daily Mail.