Anti-Social Scumbags


I’ve no love for the Russians either but there are certain fights you don’t pick & this will be one of them . No tolerance !


Not even their lady tennis pros?? Tzarts a bit harsh komrad.


Had the misfortune of seeing that shower in action in person during Euro2000. Taking over Irish pubs. Hanging NI flags up, No surrender songs etc etc etc.
In saying that it was very enjoyable seeing the same crowd after the cops tear gassed them in a pub and kept them inside for 10 minutes.


Pity the brassers didn’t run out and batter them with dildos.


Or the cops with truncheons. Whatever.


I’d say plenty of the brassers were shutting the curtains fairly sharpish when they seen those lads arriving



So many cliches in one post, where you didn’t even say anything.


Just leaving this here


You need to take your rubbish away with you.


She was getting €317 a week!! Is that on top of her dole and rent allowance and food stamps??


39 years old, on welfare payments since 1997, Fook that. I’ve worked since 1988 and I couldn’t afford to head to Vegas on the piss for a birthday


So she’s basically been on the dole since she left school (assuming she did the leaving) what a fucking joke


The joke is that we allow that. Practically no other country in the western world allows people that are physically and mentally fit to work to claim unemployment benefit and its associated benefits indefinitely on such unquestioning terms. I’d argue we already can’t afford to do so (given the impact on more deserving recipients of that money) and as the ratio of working people to retired people decreases over the coming decades, it will become unsustainable. You can’t just cut the unemployed off without a cent but laziness and targeted gaming of the system can’t continued to be rewarded in this manner, the culture of welfare dependency benefits absolutely nobody in the long term.

Politics in this country baffles and frustrates me. You’ve the ‘centre right’ acting as obedient lapdogs to the mega wealthy and corporate power. You’ve the far left promoting policies that would turn us into the next Venezuela. We end up with billionaires paying no tax and governments handing out welfare like methadone to keep the disadvantaged too apathetic to want to change anything. Surely to Jaysus there’s a massive gap in the electoral market for some party to step forth with a genuine commitment to inclusive policies that don’t send the FDI crew fleeing but favour the working PAYE sector and small to medium business interests (ie most of the country) without looking to feather their own nest in the process? Is that really too much to ask?


The social democrats?


It’s who I vote for but they aren’t forming a government with half a dozen candidates or whatever it is they stand.


I now yea, they’re small but they talk a bit of sense, a kind of moderate left. mind you i dont know if they’d tighten up welfare rules as above and/or sort out serial offenders. Was very disappointed when Donnelly left them and joined FF.


Incredibly disappointed, I had high hopes for him. @URoy great post.


There’s that too. Labour have often talked a great game in opposition…


Like all of them really. Easy to shout all that stuff from the sidelines