Anti-Social Scumbags



Whoever runs the Lidl Twitter account is totally winning the internet. :joy:


Lidl in general are winning.

I saw a car sticker the other day letting other car users know there was a child with autism in the car and to show care regarding beeping etc. It’s good to see a general awareness seeping in


Does that post not belong in the “Have things gone too far?” thread? :wink:


It will when Iomaint sees it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Iomaint works with kids who have ASD and their families and is a massive fan of the growing awareness and response!


That’s great.

Shouldn’t social inclusion by its very nature, include everyone who gets marginalised for whatever reason, not just those we may feel a particular affinity with?


Did you forget you weren’t posting as your other user? :wink:


I’ve got a sticker on my bike that says “possibly inebriated on board”.


I was awaiting a judgemental quip. Your post makes assumptions. Social inclusion? Affinity? I work with people of all faiths, nationalities etc regardless. That does not mean I cannot have opinions on geo-politics etc. Being dismayed by the criminal behaviour of some people who migrate to my country, does not make me anti social inclusion.


Legend of a Judge. Legend.


Must try that meself sometime . Never know , could make a few bob :laughing:
Fair play to the judge , pure chancer !


About time they started throwing these shambles of claims out and making them pay the costs


Can they get jail if they refuse to/don’t pay the costs?


Probably pay it at €5 a month after pleading inability to pay. But rest assured the legal eagle will not lose out …


It should be taken from the social welfare etc.


England’s finest up to their usual tricks.

Guarantee these self styled hardmen won’t dream of going anywhere near Russia


Wankers , the Russians will slaughter them . Then we’ll hear stories of heavy handed tactics by the police . No smoke without fire with this shower :japanese_ogre:


Scum. End of story.


the russians will, and good enough fr them, just hope innocent fans don’t get caught up in it.