Anti-Social Scumbags


Ah no PD. Not on Mother’s Day.


We got out of it last Sept after 7 years there and another 4 years prior to that in another spot. Enough is enough


Have done the books for some restaurants in the past.

Seemed to me the margins for making a few bob were pretty tight.


Obviously didn’t realise that.
I hope it was your own decision to get out.


I was gutted when you guys stopped…


Is this the place to discuss Jamie Carragher?




Lidl float.

St. Patrick’s Day parade in Tallaght.


Poor taste that …


There’s worse.
“The Tallaght Thugs” float.


Not Tallaght btw


Well the lad who sent that to me is spoofing then.

I posted in good faith. Where is it then?


I heard it’s in mayo is it


Wild Atlantic Way signs in the background, so its in the West somewhere.


Galway - Spiddle sign there. Need to give them a good bating tomorrow!


First time I ever posted second hand info without checking.

Never again! Apologies if any offence caused.


You should be Talibanned.


Ah Jebus Beeko,

That’s a bit strong! I’d be lost & lonely without Res Dubs.


The parade was in Spiddal. It just featured it on the Nuacht. They interviewed a couple of the participants being “arrested”. The Guards leading them away in handcuffs, were a couple of young Downs Syndrome lads, who looked delighted with themselves. Hafta say, (with apologies to everyone in Tallaght,) I laughed.

All the more reason to kick seven shades ourra them tomorrow though…


McDonald’s. Castletroy. 3am. Digger. Etc.