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Give me a polish trades man any day of the week …
I’m sure there’s some sort of inuendo there .


You’re not all that fussy who handles your tool?

Yep. I heard that about you alright. :crazy_face:


If I can’t do it myself I don’t mind someone else finishing off the job :wink:


As long as it has a happy ending, that’s all that matters.


While I would agree that any eastern european we had working for us over the years were brilliant, hard working honest people, who just wanted to work and earn money. I dont recall any of them asking about their rights, or querying holiday pay, bank holiday pay or anything like that.
Now on the other hand, and to be honest probably is why I feel the way I do about it, EVERY SINGLE person from an African country that we have employed, and I mean every one, has pulled a fast one or tried to get us to screw the system. Going on long term sick leave for a fall that never happened, one guy refusing for weeks to give me his PPS details and when I eventually told him he had to give it or he couldn’t work anymore gave it to me me but begged me not to back date it, which I refused so he just didn’t come back to work again. Another guy who was with us for over a year asked for a lend for his sick niece in London which we gave and he never showed up again. Another would not work more than 20 hours and would walk out as soon as he hit 20 hours because it would impact his rental allowance and other benefits, he lasted 2 weeks before he was told where to go. I spent more time on paper work for welfare with him in 2 weeks than I have for any other employee. The amount of people that we used to get coming in asking us to sign a form that they applied for a job to was unbelievable, because they all know the system and how to play it.

I also agree with you on young Irish people. Very hard to get them to work now, lazy gits, all they want to do is get to their next break which they are entitled to by law :zipper_mouth_face:


Buddy of mine had the same thing when renovating his house. He gave up waiting for his contractor to show up and got some polish lads in who did an excellent job, turned up at the crack of dawn and worked their bollix off, etc.

Now that’s not to say all irish tradesmen are rubbish or that all polish tradesmen are the business. It’s just his experience. I’d imagine polish lads who get this far from home are generally pretty motivated individuals - they’re here to earn money, not to take it easy, so it’s not necessarily a like for like comparison.

Maybe finding a daycent pumber in poznan is a total 'mare loike!


My wife used to be HR in one of the big supermarkets (not Lidl!) and during the recession they couldn’t get staff even though there was a huge unemployment rate at the time. This was due to the contracts they had which only guaranteed low hours a week.

But similar to this, she used to get people coming in all the time asking for things to be signed to say they applied for a job, or sometimes people would take the extra step and show up for interviews but make sure they made a very bad impression for fear that they’d be offered the job!


I see what you are saying about the work ethic of foreign workers over some Irish ones, but I think that has as much to do with their circumstances as anything else, as in being far away from home and trying to make money. I know of quiet a few irish lads that are out in Australia working in the mines and other pretty gruelling jobs, and am frequently told they are raking it in out there, and fair play to them. But I know well that if you had handed one of them a shovel 7 or 8 years ago when they were still living at home and told them to work away the would have laughed at you.
Also in relation to what Harper said about certain groups of foreign workers and their desire to scam what they can for as little effort as possible, these are the type of people that come to mind when people give out about ‘bloody foreigners’ looking hand outs. i’ve no doubt that for every one of them there are hunderds of immigrants working away dilligently trying to do the best for themselves and their families, but this is the perception that right wing parties are playing up and pushing to suit their own agendas.


Great point Comrade Spanner.

When I moved to where I live now, there was a bog standard caf & a hotel. The waiters/waitresses in both were all foreign nationals. Since I’ve lived here, a Starbucks, an Insomnia, a NY style deli, a cafe & a Camille Thai (Joe Cannings crowd) have all arrived. You are spoilt for choice for places to get yer grub on, yet I don’t remember seeing an Irish staff member in any of them & I’d be in at least one of them, a couple of times a week. I’m genuinely curious as to why that is. Are no locals applying? Are they getting passed over? Is the work too menial for them? Do the hiring managers want people who can speak more than one language?


While I would like to believe this being true, being an employer for almost 15 years, the strike rate is 100%…

Any time we advertised for kitchen porter staff it was only non nationals that applied. We would get some students during the summer months, but only wanted 1 night and wouldn’t last long because it was too hard, and it is a hard job! We pretty much always had locals on the floor for some reason, along with a couple of eastern europeans here and there, again, much better work ethics and not always on about the entitlements etc


Slave labouring fascist! (Bit feckin cramped under this table Proud Dub!)


Not anymore, I’m now a normal working for the man type of person


How long is the restaurant going now @Harper?


But still all Shite

The grub in the hotel is muck and full of people from Live at 3 and the best coffee is in the butchers.

Plenty of Irish in Super Valu


I was referring to the numbers overall there, Eastern European, Asian and everyone else that has come to the country, not just the Africans, who seem to drag down the average.!


And Lidl and Aldi well there is down in Navan anyway. I remember working in the states doing underpinning on old houses around beacon hill. Pure mule work that I done with loads of Connemara lads. Worked like a savage and we used to laugh st the Americans who seemed like lazy fuckers doing the same job. So I guess folk emigrate and take any job going a d work their ass off. All part and parcel of moving abroad I guess


Won’t get out of bed for at least 200 zloty an hour !


Jaysus Dublin were v anti social today …

KERRY 0-11


FFS. Is there no escape?


It belongs here, more than anywhere.

Were you not at the game BD? :crazy_face: