Anti-Social Scumbags


Shurrup you ye appeasist.

I agree though, we’re doing grand on here, anyone who has stuck their head out and given their real opinions, well that’s exactly what we need. Not all about agreement, not by a long shot.
People giving their opinions from a sense of genuine desire to see things better, no matter what those opinions are, that’s called giving a shit, and that’s a million times better than not caring and staying silent.


That post just failed. It made no sense. Then you went off topic.


The Irish were not housed and given social welfare.


in your opinion. You were not suggesting the stats we being underreported or massaged?


Did we have social welfare here back then ? , might have prevented mass emigration & possibly the after effects of the famine …


What has that got to do with the point I was making?


Your point about social welfare & housing . I haven’t read any of your previous posts on this subject .


Would you ever read what you posted again? You decide what stats are relevant? You mention the U.S. which nobody else did??


I was trying to suggest that current migration cannot be compared with past migration I have no idea what you are on about.


Yes , and then you brought a current system ( social housing & welfare ) into migration in the past . I wasn’t talking about the present , I was talking about the past & suggesting we weren’t exactly pillars of the community when we landed in America .Do you think we would have fared better back then if those services were provided ?


Okaaaaaay then! :joy:


There is no further point in this. We are never going to agree. When people continue to argue against facts and evidence, there is no point. Millions of voters across Europe are wrong. They are all racists. The evidence that they see, in their own countries is made up. The fact that the press smear anyone who brings it up, as racist, is merely fanciful imagination. The only good people left are on here, saving all of the refugees from racists. We should take in two million migrants. No number is too many. If you don’t agree, you are a racist. If we can’t afford that, 25aliveoh and guy and Tayto will work for free. If not, they are racist. We should all take a pay cut if necessary. And we should apologise to Trump for the Irish migrants of150 years ago. We should feel guilt about them. Because its all the same really.


Cheers for that , always good to have a laugh here :laughing:. Out of interest has this affected you where you live @Iomaint ? Ferrel gangs terrorising the area . I can’t really comment on that because I haven’t experienced it where I live .


Nobody called anyone on here racist. To be honest I think you’re going out of your way to be offended and almost looking for somebody to call you a racist


I mentioned the USA because Bloomberg is an american publication and they are suggestion sweden is crippled with crime or something equally over the top, which is ironic as the USA has worse crime stats.

I thought we had done quite well to discuss this for so long without the R word rearing its head.

And yes, i do think perception on the ground can give a very inaccurate picture of what is going on in a country. For example i haven’t seen any scraps recently, but i’m sure lads are still scrapping.


17 million voted for you know who in 1933


Shurrrup you, ya feckin Hitler!


In lots of countries the evidence they are told about is totally made up, both the Czech Rep and Hungary have elected anti immigration Prime Ministers when they have no immigration to speak of. Poland likewise actually.

I don’t see why anyone should feel guilt about migrants, now or 100 years ago. What it should do though is give people some empathy for their plight. The fact that immigration is being discussed on a thread titled anti social scumbags shows there might be a bit of empathy missing somewhere.

As regards taking a pay cut etc. How a country shares it’s wealth is a call for the country as a whole. We can ban everyone from ever coming to the country, or we can give everything away - the answer is somewhere in the middle and it will change over time, as it does in all countries. Personally I would feel uncomfortable living in a country that is relatively wealthy, has provided huge amount of emigrants over the centuries (and in large numbers even up to the early 2000s) and then decides it doesn’t want to help anyone else.


Couldn’t agree more . What’s putting a stain on this is people taking the absolute piss out of the system . But you would hope that for every waster abusing it there is also someone benefitting who actually is appreciative of it . Of course , that’s probably not accurate . But I’d like to believe it .


Up until fairly recently, I worked in an industry that had an overwhelmingly foreign workforce. (Eastern European mainly, with a small sprinkling of East African, Brazilian & Bangladeshi, to keep things interesting.)

They put a lot of our own native workforce to shame, especially the young, unskilled, largely uneducated ones, who show up for work, when it suits them. Then they do nothing but piss & moan when they get passed over for promotion, or selection for specialist upskilling, by “another fcuking foreigner.”

In their minds, being great craic in the pub on a night out, is all you need in life to get ahead. That little thing called a “work ethic” is just the name of some hipster cocktail in Temple Bar

So bring the migrants all on in. The more the bloody merrier.

…runs and ducks…