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Lads all this stuff has been going on forever in waves for generations. Look at Germany taking in millions of Turkish people after the wars. Having cheap labour via immigration from places with terrible social, political and other problems has always happened and always will. Places like Scandinavia were a kind of Utopia for a while but they cannot stay like that forever, homogenous, unchanging, it’s never going to last.
No place can be isolated from the rest of the world, and the problems of the world, it’s a fact of life that the strong places have to do as much as possible to look after the weak.

But saying “serious damage to their cultural identity” is the sort of scaremongering rhetoric that certain agendas want people to believe. A culture always has to adapt and change anyway, and the vast majority are still indigenous Swedes or 2nd or 3rd or 4th generation immigrants.

Look at all the Irish who went to America and other places, with nothing, often no education in the further past, and the huge social problems that went with their arrival and the years after it, decades even, til they managed to establish themselves more.


Scaremongering rhetoric? And there’s Bart’s favorite word again. Agendas.

That’s exactly why you can’t have a proper debate about this kind of thing.


Whiff of you don’t agree, you mean.


Reported? Aha! Do you get my drift now?


25 alive Oh, with the greatest of respect, the evidence is firmly stacked up against the well-meaning positions adopted by yourself and guyincognito. Tayto spoke of stats earlier. The worrisome stats are that in Europe, migrant parents have far bigger families that those of the existing population. Why wouldn’t they? The social welfare systems support this. It is not illegal or wrong but the changes that are coming in societies as a result, are seismic. I will have a look for the stats later and put up a link. All of this is causing people across the continent to vote for parties who may otherwise be obnoxious, but who agree that too much is too much. Any press outlet that even discusses this, paints people who have had enough, as being racist. I believe that this is because the media are owned by the rich, who want cheap labour and don’t really care about any other consequences. The real racism is people being forced by American/Russian bombs and/or poverty, to leave their countries to come to Europe as slave Labour. We have a tight to question it and it is not going to end well.


Some people call others racist at the drop of a hat. And other people use terms like “well meaning”, when being polite, or “stopping debate”, or “Liberal nonsense” and worse.
So both extremes will always try to shut off debate when they can’t or won’t deal with a differing view. I said certain people and outlets and elements have an agenda, and that works both ways, some people and media and so on calling “racism” also have an agenda. People copping out of debates and turning it into something else.
So leaving all that as just what we can take as a given, let’s continue the debate. Dismissing people in a condescending way as “well-meaning” is a classic tactic of right Vs left for as many years as politics has existed I’m sure.

Quote away with the stats, stats are good but there’s an old saying,lies damn lies and stats, so be careful of your sources, and how those stats are presented, and interpreted.

I repeat what I said, those who know their history have seen and heard and read about this periods of history when huge migrations occur and the problems that goes with it, nobody is denying the problems but inevitably an element of the discourse becomes doomsday, and Chicken Licken will always say the sky is falling in, and it still hasn’t fallen in.

There will be many problems but societies will adapt, as they must, you can let go a bit of all this worry, things have a way of working themselves out too.


So there’s a massive crime wave but no one is reporting it? Nope sorry, i’ll believe data over insinuation.

See the snopes fact check articles above. a lot of what you are saying is proven to be right wing #fakenews.


I do agree that huge migration from vastly different cultures is not a good idea. Funny how some people (not you) blame the EU for this, the EU does not force counties to take non EU migration. they tried to get countries to take a handful of genuine refugees and that didn’t work.

Surely you agree that the west (as the UK and USA created the mess) should take in genuine refugees fleeing the humanitarian disaster that is syria?


I’ve also read stats that Sweden has seen the largest increase in sexual assaults and rapes in the western world. There’s also the caveat of the Swedish authorities no longer record crime by ethnicity for fear of offending people.


Apologies for not buying Daily Mail esque theories about immigrants. Really says a lot about yourself tbh if you really believe that 90% of 2 certain serious crimes are soley committed by immigrants.


The Sun was quoted above somewhere. The Sun.

I’ll repeat that, The Sun.



damn your pesky facts


I linked the sun article with regards the crime in the area in living. It’s 100 percent accurate but if you want you can list some acceptable sources to you and i can link them


There seems to be a bit of context to the claims about rape and other sexual crimes as highlighted in Tayto’s link above.


Care to comment on the facts provided by Bloomberg?


Sweden changed their definition of rape and that the actual figures for rape as opposed to other sexual offences (harrassment, flashing etc) dropped.

Every instance of reported rape is counted as new case in Sweden as well so in the case of a husband raping a wife, every instance that she reports is counted.

It is those facts which are discussed in a bit of detail in the link provided by Tayto

It is an example of how the facts you provided are 100% accurate but do not necessarily tell the full story.


There does appear to have been a jump in 2016. but the reports of this CRIME WAVE go way back since well before 2016. The Bloomberg headline “Crime Wave engulfs Sweden” is a little OTT non?


Definition has changed that is correct but I don’t see why that is being used to brush the very serious issues and other crime increases in Sweden under the carpet. As I said earlier I know people in Malmo. Very left leaning people. And they have said crime is increasing dramatically with the influx of immigrants.


No I don’t think it is ott at all. I think the dismissal of the reports are ott