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The spectator? … that Tory rag? really?




My flat got done years ago and the guards couldn’t have been less interested. Know who it is, can’t nail them, etc. lazy bollocks.


You’re making me nostalgic for The Rivermount now… :grinning:


Garda inactivity and reluctance to do any hard work is not race related. The stations in tipp are an utter disgrace and we have ■■■■ all levels of minorities.

The whole “we know who they are” but doing nothing thing is nationwide and was going on when I was a kid.


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The Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby saw so many attacks that the police station was closed in 2014. They wanted to rebuild a more robust station in 2017 but they cannot get any contractors to do the job. I’d say that’s a no go area. There are similar areas in Malmo

Almost 20% of people living in Sweden were born outside the country, the majority outside the Eu. With a population of just 8 million they have taken in over 100,000 (a staggering figure) every year now for some time. Over 300,000 of them come from Syria and Iraq and many more from other Islam majority countries.

Sweden has a comprehensive immigrant integration system. Language classes, job and skills training, cultural integration and housing. All free or heavily subsidised. If you want to escape a bad situation and make a new life for yourself then it is one of the best countries in the world to go to.

And yet there is no question that a lot of migrants are not integrating. A third of all prisoners or those in the probation system are migrants. 90% of murders or attempted murders are committed by first or second generation immigrants These are statistics complied by private companies and newspapers. The state hasn’t done such a survey since 2005, which in itself is shocking.

The Swedes are educated to be tolerant, open minded and generous. And they are being taken advantage of by a sizable minority because this open mindedness and tolerance renders them incapable of debating the issues at hand. They are sleepwalking into a disaster and the Sweden Democrats, a joke ten years ago, will be the next European right wing party in power is things keep going the way they are.


90% of all murders and attempted murders are carried out by 1st or 2nd generation immigrants ?. Whiff of bs.


Entirely my point.


Use google translate to get the gist. The other article you have to log in for but it makes the 90% claim. It is from Dagens Nyheter, which would be a well respected paper in Sweden.

Sweden was a very peaceful country 20 years ago with a very low murder rate. Not any more.


If those figures are accurate it is madness. Problem is you hear so many dubious figures bandied about. Someone seriously tried to tell me that Muslims would outnumber Christians in the Uk by 2040. Complete nonsense.

The perception of Muslim population of Eu countries is vastly bigger then the reality.


Not so much in Sweden I would argue. They have taken in so many in such a short space of time that they are going to do serious damage to their cultural identity in just a couple of generations.

And in fact I would argue that the statistic on the Guardian page is nonsense. It suggests a Muslim population in Sweden of about 400,000. As noted in another post Syria and Iraq already account for more than 300,000 people living in Sweden. Then there are 70,000 from Iran, over 65,000 from Somalia and almost 50,000 from Afghanistan.


Data 1993 - 2013


Data doesn’t show an explosion


You must be reading the Swedish equivalent of Kevin Myers :joy:


Crimes reported are not necessarily the only crimes committed. My brother has lived in Stockholm for 20 years. I’ve been there many times. There is no doubt that society over there is changing. Two decades ago it was one of the safest countries in the world. Now it has suburbs where the police are not safe in their station.

It’s head in the sand stuff to deny that there is a huge problem coming down the tracks there. And in some other European countries too.

And I’m mostly reading statistics.


Surely if there’s an explosion in crime, surely there’d be an noticeable increase in reported crime. Perception can be very different to an actual increase in crime.


The issue not crime. It is who is committing it.

Anyway, that’s a minor issue. The country has problems it did not have two decades ago. And it needs to at least start talking about them.


I blame Zlatan or as they say in Malmo …jag skylder zlatan


In the Rainbow areas it’s called the Carl…