Anti-Social Scumbags


It better bloody not. Its fine just the way it is.


In the last few years there have been 3 schools built, 2 blocks of apartments and one in building now, with the apartments will come shops, cafes etc… a new lidl (wow). 2 sports complexes up and running now. DIT grangegorman is only up the road, the college also built a massive all weather here too. The luas, or the Lennox as locals like to call it, will have a big impact on the area too. An awful lot of activity for a small enough area. I think it will be unrecognizable in the near future.


Stop :disappointed_relieved:


A pub with windows would be nice…


They all have windows?


I Never trust a pub without windows. If that seems odd


You don’t go to the Cremore House so? Not much light gets in there. I’ve never been in except the off licence.


As the old joke goes, they’d search you on the way in for weapons and if you didn’t have any they would give you one.


I presume you mean the cabra house? And no, jaysis no I don’t go in there.

EDIT: never mind I thought you were replying to me


Yes. I went in there for one about 20 years ago. A three sup pint!


Pubs with no windows are good. You can’t get thrown through what isn’t there …


Is that an IT issue?


Enough about Eugene’s.


You have to pull your own pint. There’s no servers


My bro did the door there many moons ago and I helped him the odd time if he was stuck. We weren’t there so much to throw people out … more to drag people in.


Travelling out to see the absolute state of the kip more like.



If it’s the Lennox on the North side, what is it on the south side? The C.S. maybe? Or the Jerry Lee?


Cremore is a fine ol spot ya get no hassle there.


The Daniel Day


Ah good man. Very good!