Anti-Social Scumbags


FFS, seriously? We are crippled by political correctness in this country.


The Vipers more like.


And all of this is deliberately being kept out of the news, and not just in Ireland. The repercussions are to be seen in election results across Europe.


How do we know that, if it’s not being reported.

I would be very wary of those anecdotal stories.


There are a load of stories out there Tommy that the media are not reporting. As I said, I’ve seen videos on peoples phones of some of the stuff including the cops just watching on as they didn’t look like they wanted to/were afraid to get involved


Ah stop would ye ffs. “The Liberal” put up a story last year claiming a riot involving African youths happend on St Stephens day on Henry St. Nothing of the sort happend. This type of accusations against the media is dangerous as ■■■■. You are implying that every single news paper and website is involved in some sort of conspiracy. Take off the aul tinfoil hat

I’m not saying nothing happens. But stop with the BS of some sort of massive conspiracy from the media


Crime is everywhere lads, my car broken into Sunday night in D7.

You know what the nickname is Balbriggan


Guy you have been quietly seething, waiting to let fly. The truth bugs the shit out if you. I saw videos of that riot as it happens. Yes there most certainly is a conspiracy to keep this stuff quiet. Ask the press in Germany and Sweden. In fact, ask the police!


I suppose you believe all the BS about bombings and No go areas in Sweden too ? (Courtesy of Infowars)

Crime happens everywhere all the time. Seems to me you only want it amplified when non nationals do it.


The sad thing is Guy, the countries of Europe owe their former colonies billions, for past crimes. Instead of admitting that, we have the ‘free movement of goods and services’ to bring vulnerable migrants to Europe to work for very low wages. Modern slavery. The real reason for migration is neoliberal greed.


That joker is funnier than Waterford Whispers with the gack that he “reports”


Indeed. Hence the " " around the name


But I think that’s a general thing - crime is under-reported, and I’ve seen guards ignore shams in Oliver Bond as they tried to smash the lock off a bike. It happens, for whatever reason.

I just don’t buy the argument that the media don’t report crime involving immigrants in order to avoid upsetting some liberal tendency.

I do agree that immigration has been encouraged to facilitate the neo-liberal economic model with a cheap labour pool, and that then feeds certain views.


… a point I have made several times on here. The French and Brits in particular left the Middle East and North Africa in rag order when they pulled out over the years.
Fück you, Liam Fox.


I happen to know somebody living in Malmo. Grenade attacks are absoultely happening. I’ve seen plenty of videos on YouTube of the aftermath of them too. Most of them seem to be rival criminal gangs. There’s some strange loophole in the law over there that makes grenades easily accessible. Not sure of the ins and outs but a Malmo fan over for a Bohs game was telling us all about it. Plenty of evidence on this from other sources other than Alex Jones. Just cause he’s reporting on it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


Not denying that at all probably should have clarified that. The way Alex Jones and co are reporting though is that they’re Islamic Extremist terrorist attacks being covered up


From what I’m hearing most of it is rival criminal gangs but they’ve also conceded that there is an element of refugees causing mayhem there too. The unemployment rate amongst them is something crazy. This is coming from lads who are very left of centre also. No go areas are very real. Sweden has loads of problems


Jaysis lads yas are making Cabra sound like Blackrock to me now :joy:


Originally from Gods Country myself :sunglasses:


I read that Cabra will be the new Blackrock with posh people flocking to live there because of the Luas.