Anti-Social Scumbags


Fair enough. No complaint about honest opinion.
Just one more thing as Colombo says, the whole “I can’t talk because the pc brigade will shoot me down” is an awful cop-out imo. It works both ways. Stop making excuses and just stand up for what you believe in. I’ve no problem with people who believe the opposite to me, many of them are my best friends.

And ehh, two or three people disagreed yeh? And two of them were the people I had disagreed with in the first place. So…


… and filthy dirty racists!:joy:


Sssshhhhhhhhh :innocent:


There’s nothing racist about saying crime and immigration are linked. There a whole swathe of criminology theory to support that viewpoint. It’s not a skin colour issue as it often occurs when people of relatively poor origins move to richer areas.

It’s what can be done constructively to prevent it is what’s key. I’m not sure it’s a big issue in Ireland although some areas look to be heading for trouble.


As I’m sure you know daedalus, there is a huge issue in Lusk and whatever other towns they want to travel to on the train line causing rows, riots, burning out chemists and a lot more. I’ve seen plenty of evidence and video footage of this gang, who dont want to be called a gang, even though they have a gang name and hang around in groups of 30-50 and this gang are made up of all black people. One video I saw was armed police escorting them back onto the train, like a heard of sheep. No one being arrested, no one being stopped. Its madness


Is there a reason why locals from these communities do not stand up to them? Obviously fear factor will be an answer and people will not want to advocate the vigilante approach but the facts are that Gardaí do not have the resources.

It may be an issue that in some areas like Balbriggan and Tyrrelstown where Irish people are the minority but you can’t allow your area to be overran by scum.


Is there not also the opposite viewpoint where it has been proven that immigrants to a country have a lower rate of crime than nationals of that country? I’ve seen it touted plenty of times in articles counterpointing Trump’s views about immigration and crime


I was joking about the racist thing, it was more obvious before Al edited his post.

We do need to be able to discuss immigration without the big R word being bandied about. I don’t know the stats, would be interested to read.

While i think it is right and proper to take in our fair share of refugees fleeing conflict in their homeland, unrestricted or too much immigration is not a good thing and should be managed very carefully.

The EU needs to look at the situation where economic migrants seem to be getting as far as italy and they’re left trying to manage - while the rest of europe refuses to take them in.

Little wonder italy voted for parties who said they would repatriate these people. The west would do well to be investing in trying to help the african countries develop so that people don’t feel they have to risk life and limb to get to europe - that’s the only sustainable solution.


They were out and about causing mayhem in Lusk last night again @Harper, there has been talk of vigilanteism kicking in around here but nothing has materialized yet.


That sounds like a situation out of control which needs to be sorted by the respective authorities or you can’t blame people taking it into their own hands. Wouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush etc.


The problem out here (and I’m sure we’re not alone) is a lack of Garda manpower and resources for such a large geographical area. The reopening of Rush Garda station will hopefully help but I fear it’s just a PR and optics exercise that won’t add much.


Is it the old station they are opening?


Yep although no chance of Joe Rose coming out of retirement :grin:


There were bigger igloos built during the snow than that station


That situation around Lusk sounds terrible, and terrifying. I’m assuming Garda not doing much because it will take too long to process or something like that to do with legal status?
But then aren’t there also gangs of Irish (whether native or a mix of native and immigrant) in many places causing anti-social trouble and a similar outcome?


The gang like behaviour that Harper highlighted is prevalent in Balbriggan as well. There were a serious chain of recent incidents that didn’t make the media. I’d be fearful if deviant gangs were forming where the makeup is of the same immigrant ethnic origin. Your going to end up with sub culture groups who will get racially labelled as deviant even if they are not. That’s failed immigration policy imo if that occurs.

If your going to have gang behaviour it would be better if race was kept out of it.


Its going to happen. I see gangs of minorities hanging around (Teengages mind) in Johnstown in Navan. While they don’t seem to be of the level thats been described here there has been conflict with other gangs of youths. Only takes one incident where somewhere gets hurt real bad for something to escalate.


We had a similar enough scenario up beside where I am now. A gang of teenagers up to early twenties were causing mayhem across the entire D15 area until the Hells Angels sorted them out. I have heard they have since left the area. It was in the newspapers about it recently enough.


A quote from that article…

“Sources said the hoods are “arrested every week” but cops risk setting off “a mini riot” every time they decide to nab one of the youths”

Seriously, thats what it has come to?


I was told by a neighbour of mine that her friend was the victim of a crime committed by this gang and when the gardai arrived they told her, to her face, that they knew exactly who the culprits were, but it “would be easier if there was a few white lads involved” as arresting 20 black lads over a crime spree could “send out the wrong message”.