Anti-Social Scumbags


To be fair yiu responded with a mocking comment as well to him . It seemed a fairly harmless remark from both of you looking from the outside


25, you need to have a lie down! You are only going to upset yourself. I made my point quite clearly and you replied by arguing against things I didn’t say. Rhetorically, you’re not up to it and you are upset because quite clearly, many on here don’t agree with you.


What was even worse behaviour IMO was the burning out and destruction of 8 cars no more than 3 hundred metres from the road leading up to that Lidl. Complete and utter mindless destruction by feral teenagers who then crawled back under the rock where they came from .They are unlikely to be caught but by Jesus if that was my car and if I knew who did it I would go to work on them with a baseball bat.


Like for like I suppose, not interested in getting involved in third party argument though!


Iomant, if you want to follow the crowd go for it. It’s a handy option and no need to wear out the old brain trying to think out a proper post or any of that tiresome, sort of thing. Just take your usual spot in the Peleton. Watch out for those handlebars catching on to your handlebars though, and the wheel behind touching yours, causes some dreadful falls eventually.


So anything exciting happening in this thread? Anyone mention the robbery in Athlone during the snow?


Au contraire, most of the crowd are like you. Either terrified of being called a racist or so owned in their thinking that they assume the only morally acceptable opinion to have is that multiculturalism is the only kind, humane and acceptable way forward. Very few will publicly disagree with you. I will. I was right about Ibrahim Halawa and I am right about this too. I made one simple point. If we let people into our country and treat them well, they should at least be a bit grateful and act accordingly. This would include not engaging in criminal activity. Your only riposte is that we are all human and have moved beyond borders which is arrant nonsense. Go to Saudi Arabia. Commit a crime and then, just before they cut off some part of you, ask the nice man with the scimitar will he not accept that we have ‘moved beyond societies and nationalities’ . He will piss himself laughing and then the blade will fall.




What about the 11 people arrested in limerick. Sounds grim and far worse then looting.


Yes it does. Very much.

The more I read this thread the more I think of William D-Fens Foster …


It does. Can’t bring myself to read the full content.


6 women and 5 men , all irish .and from 3 generations of the same family .


Fair play for the honest opinion.
I’m not in the least afraid of being called a racist, I’m giving my honest opinion, which I stated several times. So don’t make assumptions or think you know much about me. I said you’re following the crowd because you opted to bring in other peoples posts/opinions to back yourself up, in stead of just standing on your own with only your own opinion.

I didn’t start out mocking anyone, though I sure as hell reacted to it in like kind. People want to debate serious subjects like this I’ll debate, people want to go on a wind-up then I’ll play them at their own game and bring it down to that lowest common denominator level that some people thrive in.

You won’t see me running away from argument here, I’ve never once uttered the familiar words “I’m out of here”, or “discussion over”, or “I’ll leave you to it”, or “that’s my last word” or any other sort of cop-out schoolyard hair-pull and run away stuff.

My riposte in this debate was to one or two comments earlier in this discussion, I don’t recall any ripostes to your opinions about Ibrahim Halawa, I didn’t know enough about it to debate it and can say I’m much more educated about it from the debate that occurred here.
Calling what I said “arrant nonsense” is again an example of how you choose to mock instead of deabte. We can’t all afford to throw out comments like that here on a regular basis otherwise every debate will quickly die with pure slanging.

As for Saudi Arabia, are you saying we should aspire to be like there? We are not there. Pointless making the comparison, we stand for what we stand for here.


Yes but what do we stand for here?


Unspeakably awful and seemingly more to come out. There was an article in the paper last week, partially hidden by the snows!, that said the Gardai don’t have half enough specialist people to follow leads that they already have, on child abuse. They have rooms full of seized computers and not the technical staff to examine them. Meanwhile children continue to be abused. Jesus Christ above.


I saw you make a point/have an opinion at the start and for the rest of this thread you have just attacked how other people “debate,” reeling off paragraph after paragraph. We all have our own way of debating or at least the option to do debate that way don’t we?


Ain’t that a question.


Horrific. There literally are no words to describe that.




Totally agree with this, but then again, I always follow the crowd!

Al you made a point and a good few people disagreed, in fact, I didnt see one post agreeing with your point, which I suppose is the way you want out so you are not stuck in the peleton with wheels and handlebars hitting off each other! No one said you were afraid to be called a racist, the point is quite the opposite. A lot of people wouldn’t post how they feel on this subject for fear of being called a racist. I myself and typed a good few replies on this and deleted without posting because I do think they would be picked up by the PC brigade/lets all love one another/one world one family groups, which by the way I would include you in, so as much as you think you are out of this particular peleton, you are just joining into another one…

I’ll leave it at, no sorry I cant say that either. Thats my opinion :kissing_smiling_eyes: