Anti-Social Scumbags


Are you Richard Satchwell?



How is that being treated worse? If they are granted asylum you abide by the law or that asylum is removed. The law is way to lenient on Irish criminals anyway, that we end up paying for their legal aid, then the cost to keep them locked up, if they do get locked up. Yet you think we should pay for asylum seekers legal aid, etc on top of what we are already paying for them, thats if they were ever caught because even though everyone that has access to the internet saw the pictures of the lads boasting about it and I bet none of them have been arrested yet, not that I have seen anyway


Oh God.


Heard this as well , its worth mentioning the family have said this wasn’t the case.


good to hear that it wasn’t true


Some countries require you to have a degree or qualifications that they need, if they are to take you in. They want to get something out if it. Fair enough. We take in people without any such thing. Some go into direct provision centres. Many appear not to. They get social welfare, housing etc way beyond what would be provided in their home countries. Many get jobs. I don’t think it is too much to ask that they are grateful and act accordingly. It is fluffy nonsense to say we are all children of the world, nationalities don’t exist etc. They do. As do passports and citizenship.


They get away with it because we don’t give a shit in this country. Irish guilt because we were / are nomads ourselves.


I saw that video of the Lidl store being wrecked. Mental.

But what struck me is the sheer number of Lidl stores in Dublin - way more than any other county. Omagh only has one.

The robbers in Dublin even drive around in JCBs, when robbers in other counties have to walk to ‘work’.

Not being paranoid, but this is further proof of cash injections into Dublin.



PD…not being sexist…but was that ‘speeding ticket’ a fine for taking 20 attempts at reversing?


Definitely fake news.


Daller, I shall ignore that scurrilous slur on my driving & proudly admit that my one and only speeding ticket (doing 110 mph in a 70 mph zone, if yer askin’) was trying to get to Gracelands before it closed. Somethings ARE worth jail time in Hicksville, Tennessee.



Well…I got to cut you some slack for wanting to spend time with the King!

A lot of years back we went to the Grand Ole Opry in TN.

A ‘friend’ of mine wanted to see where they hosted the CMA awards.

Good town…but like the place that time forgot.


Ah, it’s come on a lot since you and your “friend” honeymooned there in 1945. :wink:


Learn something new every day! Never knew the King honeymooned there.

Although with me being considerably younger than yerself PD, 'tis easy to see why.

(Was going to say I was ‘all shook up’ but afraid of starting a pun-off).


I’m confused. Presume you’re talking about Tyrone?


Whoa !!!

Take that back or a pile of tyrone-reg diggers will be lopping the heads off a lot more buildings.

As a proud Philomena Begley fan I take this slander personally


The JL comment was not a way of shutting down the debate, I answered your question after the admittedly low brow attempt at humor. A thicker skin might be required if you’re going to spend your time on public forums


No mate, it’s just a different opinion to yours. From someone who can avoid mockery in debate. You talk about having respect and acting in a respectful way? The word hypocrisy clearly means nothing to you. A post that says “Oh god”, and nothing else, are you a teenager? This is your standard of debate? And this, after waffle about people “shutting off debate”. Lip service. You just don’t like people challenging your view. So grow up.
And I acknowledged the law above there several times, did you miss that? This wasn’t a debate about the law. My opinion is you should not be treated differently in terms of criminal prosecution. And my opinion may be wrong, but I know that, you clearly don’t know the same about your own.

“All children of the world and nationalities don’t exist”. Riiight. Clearly your agenda makes you interpret things to come up with something that suits your view of anyone who gives an alternative to your assumptions about things. Or you just don’t read what’s been said and pick out the bits you can twist. That’s great debating skills. Bring it on.


You’re gas. I’ve been on public forums for as long as they’ve existed. It’s nothing to do with needing a thicker skin, it’s pointing out hypocrisy. Using mockery in debate is not having a debate, it’s playing to a crowd whilst undermining the other person. If you have an opinion then let your post stand on your opinion, and evidence to back it up. If everyone used your manner of posting there would be nothing but personal slanging matches in forums and that’s what gets threads shut off etc.