Annual Report


We were blessed to have Andy Kettle in situ with him. Another great supporter and servant of Dublin GAA & very much missed. RIP.


Another excellent contribution … with possibly far reaching consequences …

Metro Link

In late March, Na Fianna GAA Club were advised by representatives from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) that the construction programme for the proposed Metro Link (formerly known as Metro North and due to commence in 2020), would involve the acquisition of the front pitch and both all-weather pitches on Mobhi Road. This area would become a Tunnel Boring Depot for the duration of the Metro Link construction project, for a minimum of 3 years or potentially, and more likely, 6 or more years. So potentially no main Mobhi Road pitch or any All-Weather pitches for the best part of a decade!

This proposed development would have been irreparably damaging to the club generally and to a generation of young Na Fianna members. With its ability to field teams and run its Nursery for its youngest players severely impacted, the continued existence of one of the most vibrant, inclusive and progressive clubs in the country would have been in serious jeopardy. While I acknowledge that the development of a Metrolink rail line between Sandyford and Swords will be an essential addition to the city’s transport infrastructure, such projects should never be at any cost - and certainly should not be at the expense of a club with 3,000 members that is at the heart of their community. Indeed, I studied the route and I could not find anywhere else along the line that would have had a more negative and devastating impact.

I wish to congratulate Na Fianna for the dignified and professional manner in which they addressed this serious issue. Their consultation with their membership underlined the spirit and unity in the club and their engagement with the National Transport Authority meant that they made their case in the most cogent and comprehensive way possible.

Arising from this turn of events, the County Board has undertaken a study in measuring, managing and accounting for the social value and impact of Na Fianna GAA Club. The findings will then be extrapolated to all clubs and, from this process, we will have a measure of the contribution and value of Dublin GAA across our communities and in the county in general.


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I don’t think these guys realise that JC doesn’t know they exist. Also how the “Dublin players get paid” lie must be true because it was said on some Kildare forum with 20 members.