American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


That’s all she wrote for the Pats .




More unrest in Pittsburgh , seems Antonio Brown wants out too .


Where did you see that


I think it’s coming from a tweet he replied to saying “Trade me, let’s find out”. The original tweet stated Ben got him paid as AB wouldn’t put up them numbers without Ben.

Looks like Josh Gordon will sign with the Pats. Ripple effects of this may see Dez Bryant land in Cleveland. I picked him up in another league I’m in in fantasy half hoping the Pats would come in for him.


He was :frowning:


I find this odd, it would seem that the Browns would only release him if there was another suspension on the horizon…could be Moss 2.0…or Ochocinco 2.0


Might sound harsh but it’s proper order. Them kicks should be a given that he missed and he cost his team the game ultimately or at least at a real shot at winning. I’m fairness to the coach after he missed the first one he was straight over and full of encouragement but I’d say after the second it was on your bike time


As a pats fan i like the sound of that. I think Moss was a once in a generation player. I’ve never seen a WR reach the heights he did in that 08 season and I include highlight reels of previous WR star players. He was just phenomenal.

Gordon will bring a lot of baggage. Sat out 2016 due to substance abuse and he turned up to practice this season with the browns with a hamstring injury he said he got from a photo shoot I shit you not. Bill must think he can take him down a peg or two. He might be a Revis type trade, get him healthy and on the pitch for a season with maximum return and then move him on. Will be interesting to see what the deal is if he signs


Eight points he cost them, word online is he had a groin strain. Big business and no sentiment.


Made a scape goat out of him but hardly surprising. Results driven business as you say .


Worth a gamble as a deep threat which they don’t really have at the minute since moving on cooks. Lots of baggage but if any organisation can get a good season out of him it will be the pats


Think the browns have the highest turnover in players since last year, don’t quote me but something like 34 new additions to the roster. After an 0-16 I suppose coach sending a message. Kicker such a specialised job no room for error.


Could have been a hero last night , now he’s looking for a new job . Sport is very fickle .


In order to have a deep threat, you have a O-Line to block long enough for the play to develop…not sure the pats have that.

Having said that, JG is a physical freak who is as likely to catch a 5 yard slant and go the distance as he is a 60 yard bomb. Typical Pats move to kick the tyres at least.

The return of Edleman and the dink and dunk stuff will be huge for Brady. JE will catch 10-12 balls a game.


The New York Giants O Line was disgraceful against Dallas, disapointing to see it last night as Barkley, Beckham, Sheppard, Engram are all quality players


True but a mix of edelman gronk Gordon and dump offs to whyte looks like a far more capable offence than the first half yesterday. Brady won’t want to hold the ball too long so you’re right on the deep threat but there’s options everywhere or certainly will be once edelmans back


True but when will Gronks almost annual injury happen this year? Edelman is a huge loss week 5 can’t come quick enough.


Tell me about it :sleepy:, between him & Bell , aghhhh…