American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


In same boat! Picked him up at 2, and immediately regretted! Lost GW1 by 0.36, with Phil Dawson as kicker, ZERO Points!


I awoke at about 3.45 to notifications of “GB 0 CHI 20” and “Rodgers off in 2nd Quarter” … Come 4.15, I went back to bed brimming from cheek to cheek!


Starting McCoy over Conner I know I’m repeating myself.

Heartbreaking all the same


or seeing him run the field from the kick off and not getting any points for it :scream:


Oh I’ve suffered that letdown before. I dont fall for it now.






Is Bell a free agent in 2019 ?
Should I just get shot of him at this stage or is there any chance he’ll see any game time this season ?


he’ll definitely be back by week 10 at the latest and probably by the end of September . Definitely wouldn’t get rid of him just yet


Oh OK , I’ll hold out , cheers !


Stash him on the bench defintley could be a big help to you later in the season, too good to get rid


Hold onto him, or else get serious trade value if your struggling. He will be back and he’s a game changer whatever roster he’s on


Love these plays


Cam Newton and Jay adjayi doing the business again this week.

Can the browns hold on for a win


Browns kicker should be sacked in the morning!


Oh jaysus how did he miss both kicks.


Patriots in a spot of bother in the 1st q
I need the Patriots to be shit this week I reckon to win.
Actually I need Tom to be good & Gronk to be shit.


Getting worse for Pats here .


Oakland going well this weekend so far. Anyone who took a punt on Fitzpatrick after last week was paid back handsomely


Mahomes has had some start too.