American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


100% - I’m all over it already anyway…so best to leave it!


Cheers for that man. Agree with it all. My rb situation is pretty dier. I was 2nd last pick and panicked a bit with taking Browne freeman with my first two picks. I also got Rodgers at QB but there is plenty of value on the waiver and I tend not to put too much emphasis into that position in general. My fear is if freeman goes off I’ll be sick as I’m going to be depending a lot on AP who is an injury waiting to happen if Washington try to load him like he’s in his prime again.


Rams should cover that if they have aspirations of playoffs and onwards


I presume who ever has the most points each week wins 1,2,3 etc . How do the playoffs work ?


It’s a league done on head to head basis each week. You beat your opponent for this week and it’s a win for you. Not sure how league was set up but usually after the league ends (week 12 normally) it goes to a quarter final-semis-final format. Again this was all decided by the league admin so can’t be sure the exact format


Saw a clip of the Packers game . What an incredible throw & catch for the first TD .
Rodgers is a joy to watch .


He is phenomenal.

Crazy to think he is now the same age (35) as Brett Farve was when Rodgers was drafted into the team in 05. Farve gave him a rough time when he came in which is understandable as Rodgers was there to take his job. Apparently they’re all pals now, two outstanding QBs and if the fall out between the two in Rodgers early days wasn’t made so public you would be forgiven for thinking Farve showed him a thing or too before he left GB.


Looks like Darnold bounced back big time last night .I literally caught the first 5 minutes of the game & he drew a pick 6 on his first play . Felt for the lad but checking this morning seems he had a fine game .


Rams won easy enough also . Raiders are a mess after looking like they could breakthrough 2 seasons ago


The Jon Gruden hire (and THAT contract…10y, $100m) will go down as one of the worst in NFL history!!
Especially when coupled with the trade of Kalil Mack.
The place is a circus and Vegas wont be long tiring of them.
They’ll end up with more away fans than home ones at their games (possibly me included! :star_struck:)


Bad night for Stafford last night.


Unaware of the strong NFL following on here, shame on me! Unaware of the fantasy league being set up also!

Big Packers fan - roll on Sunday, a fit (hopefully) Aaron Rodgers will test this Vikings team SB credentials.

No London game for me this year, been last 3 years, but too much on in October, so it tested the cashflow!


Looks like Leveon Bell will be missing for week 2.
This guy is fucking up my fantasy team :rage:


As a Bears fan that was a sickener of a defeat on Monday. Future looks bright though especially with the unexpected Mack trade.
Can’t get myself to hate Rodgers though he is some player.


That didnt take long.
Welcome to the stress & strain of Fantasy NFL Coach!
Your Sundays will now consist of 6 hours watching Redzone counting every yard gained and having a meltdown when penalties cost you points.


And don’t forget your man in the flex position punt returning bringing it 80+ yards to the house and you don’t have that teams D :tired_face:


Woke up On Tuesday morning having won my match up by 0.6 of a point. A point review somewhere along the line added a point to his score and lost by 0.4. Not a happy bunny


Ill say one thing , it made sunday infinitly more enjoyable last sunday ! Ill not be that fortunate going forward , ill probably be able to catch the tail end of redzone .
But the fantasy football is fun :grinning:


Speaking of which got very excited hearing what Tyreek Hill was doing the other night.
Imagine my surprise to find out I had left him on the bench.


Ah The joys* of it

  • stress, heartache, disappointment