American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


OK I have 8 confirmed for this Fantasy League. I will re-visit where we are at over the weekend to settle on the number of teams.
For anyone who has entered could we agree on a draft date & time?


Im grand with the time but it might not be a bad idea to pm everyone the day & time for a reminder .


This is handy & alot quicker than doing it on the nfl app for practice , no waiting times


Ok we are 11 days out from the season start. So far we have 8 of the 12 slots taken in the Fantasy League. If anyone else is interested you might give me a shout.
Also I will be changing the draft date & time. Possibly to after Sunday week if that suits everyone. If any of you have a preference let me know.


So Rodgers got an extension

He’s a good sport :joy:



Shockingly bad game to start for season last night, 23 penalties.

Matt Ryan the ‘elite’ quarterback had 5 strikes in the redzone to get it done and win the ball game for Atlanta.

Rodger’s and Brady wouldn’t leave it behind them like that.

Also Foles got 3.88 in fantasy, Wentz job is safe for a long long time


Taped the game avoided looking at anything NFL related and watched it last night. Very disappointing game. Was hoping for a shootout.
The bad weather and weather updates before the game were more interesting.


D Freeman is an enigma at this stage. One great season and hasn’t got back near the levels he once showed. Evidently his snapcount has dropped along with his form. Atlanta on paper have a very decent offense expecting much better from them as the season goes on.

Whose everyone’s outside tip for a run at the SB? I think the rams are worth a punt. Not exactly outsiders in betting terms maybe but they’ve been the also rans in that division for a long time now up until last year.


Not an outsider but the Saints are my tip to go far this year. Brees wont be around too much longer so I think they are in a hurry to land another SB.
Bears to make the playoffs is my outside bet.


What would be the pick of the games to watch today from a neutral point ?


Vikings v 49ers


Stream went down but back up now , , think I’ll just stick with Red Zone.


Ryan Fitzpatrick tearing it up , nobody has him :scream:


Well at least the Browns have surpassed last seasons record. And that must be a career best performance from Fitzpatrick.


Pity the live game earlier wasnt the Saints Bucs.


Hopefully RedZone is as good all year.

Some day yesterday. Some outrageous games. Couch potatoe from 6pm-till after midnight.


Been offered OBJ for D freeman and amari cooper in another league any opinions lads? At RB Id have AP, I Crowell and M Lynch and A Browne at Wr


Enjoyed the battle between OBJ and Jalen Ramsay yesterday. Love the JAX defence. Mean as fcuk.

Hope Fournettes injury isnt too bad


I’d take OBJ. Teams will have to pick their poison against the Giants this year with barkley in there. This will be good for Odell

D-Freeman has been declining since he got paid and has to share carries with Coleman. Cooper looks like he’s been trying to catch a stick of Kerrygold for a while now and they will stink (possibly upside here as they’ll be chasing games) and Nelson/Cook (TE) will take a lot of RZ targets away from him.
I don’t think your RB situation is great, but you might find you’ll pick up someone on waivers when the natural attrition kicks in. Think a serviceable back-up that gets forced into a fulltime role (like James Conner this week). AP will get a decent enough number of carries, but inst what he was and has to share with Thompson (who might suit the system better). Similarly, Crowell will battle it out with Bilal Powel until one wins out (could be either…). Lynch will do nothing this year. They will be behind a lot, and he is finished now anyway.

that’s my tuppence…


Scale of 1-100 how confident would you be of THE rams covering the -4 handicap tonight?