American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Once the season starts you will be prompted which players are on a bye week and you can simply swap them out with bench players.
Not sure what the rest of you do re:drafting but I usually only draft one Tight End, Def and Kicker.
Injuries to players usually give me roster space to play with once the bye-weeks hit.


Is Wentz getting the starting QB role this season ?


Once he’s healthy he plays yeah


I picked up Wentz off the waiver wire last year. Very proud of that one. He was a machine up untill his injury.


I would agree with this with the exception being maybe a dual threat guy like Cam was a couple of years ago. The reason to leave QB’s til late is generally that there are enough of them to go around where the difference between QB #4 and QB #16 is not great…whereas there are only so many productive RB’s (in an RB friendly system, that don’t share the workload)…Similarly, there aren’t that many WR’s that get enough targets (esp in the redzone) to ensure consistent points…and you need 3 of them!!
The last thing you need to watch for is RZ touches. Some RB’s have goal-line vultures that take the TD’s off them. Also, some WR’s and TE’s are great in the RZ so you don’t need to worry as much about targets/receptions.


To summarize the last point. Don’t pick any New England Patriots offensive players outside of Gronk and Tom :joy:


Defo wouldn’t touch their RB’s, Edleman could be ok, they are going to go back to their quick-strike game now that their O-Line has been severely depleted and they have no deep threat WR with Cooks traded.
Otherwise Brady could get a severe beating (at 41 y/o)…which I think could hasten his retirement!


slot receiver in a PPR league be ok with them alright but avoid the other WR’s except for late rounds


Are you getting involved @Maxi88


I’m already in 2 leagues so can’t really commit too much but if you need an extra player to make it an even number I can join


Second screenshot won’t load, broke my own rules on QB, will do a few more mock drafts for sure, I’ve Joe mixon in the flex


Only took half an hour. Had planned for longer.


Hard Knocks Cleveland Browns starting on Sky Sports in 15 minutes.


Guice gone for the season :slightly_frowning_face:


Was gonna go very early in a lot of drafts I’d say…Rob Kelley just got a boost in value. RB’s who play with Alex Smith tend to get a lot of opportunities…


Another blow for Brady and co…Wynn (their 1st round O-Line pick) gone for the season with an achilles injury…

He is gonna have to get it out quick this year or he’s gonna take a beating!

Expect them to use an abundance of RB screens and dump offs this year to reduce the amount of time Brady has to stand in there and take shots. Only so much a 41 y/o body can take over 16 games plus p/offs


While you are right in your last point, I’m not so sure the patriots offense will collapse at the loss of Wynn. He was brought in to boost the O line depth. He may well have become a starter too but he could cover three positions. If it was solder that went down it would be different.

He is a loss alright as any 1st round pick would be. Pats needed to strengten there no doubt about it but I don’t think Brady will be tearing up the offensive playbook based on this latest blow.


Solder gone too bro…


Well then I take back what I said and you are indeed correct :laughing:


Bump for next week .
Any picks & tips going :nerd_face: