American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Fair point, but they travel to London for two or three games every year. You’re talking about only 8 regular season games. I think visiting fans would look to make it part of a 4 or 5 night, warm-weather stay during the cold, harsh winters of mainland USA.


Valid point regarding the weather, can’t argue with that.

It’s not the same teams playing in London consistently (Bar the poor Jags) & teams that play in London always get a bye week after for recovery (Bar the Colts in 2016).

A Hawaii team would spend half the season playing through games that most team usually get a bye week after. Not exactly fair.


Likewise, valid points. But there is always talk in October (when the Wembley/Twickenham games take place) of a European based franchise - sometimes that talk seems quite genuine. Hawaii might be a more logical option.


How good are these picks in general . Can you pick up decent players at this point in the draft ?


It was a steal for the browns and raiders. Brown was a 6th round pick himself but the higher the draft pick the better chance of success as common sense would dictate


Yeah , i wasn’t sure about the nfl draft . I know these would be terrible in the nba but it’s obviously a different system .
I’m just wondering did the giants & Steelers get screwed in these trades.


The steelers were left with little leverage with brown angling for a trade in the last few months but the giants didn’t have the same issues.


Tua will declare for 2020 draft! Stuck with Eli for this year, and they have said as much (not in those terms though)


Rumours about Jordy Nelson joining the Patriots .



Some one tell him he’s got his saint Andrews day gear on


End of an era


What a player he was. Revolutionized the position in my opinion. Himself and Hernandez. Not the first ever scoring TEs by any means but brought it to a new level. Has to be considered one of the best TE? Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates in his prime we’re my favs to watch up until Gronk